Weight loss, slow experience


I’ve been on huel for 7 weeks. Some days it’s just huel, sometimes with some food.

I have been tracking my progress.
I need around 3200 calories to sustain my weight and around 1700 for a big weight loss.

Over the 7 week I have had an average on 2100 calories with the main source being huel.

My goal is to eat 12 scoops and that’s 1860 calories. 3 scoops a meal and 4 hours between the meals. And some evenings I swap a meal a 3 scoops for a regular meal. I have been experimenting with number of meals and times between. 2 scoops a meal X 5, and so on but 3 scoops X 4 seems to work best.

My weight loss so far has been really slow. Started 7 weeks ago about 123 kg, and been down to 118 kg as lowest, but I have been going down and up and down and up. 120, 122, 118, 120…

And to this also includes me training on gym. Atleast 4 times a week. But that’s included in my calories calculation.

Anyone with any tips?

Don’t forget to factor in water weight, times you weigh and “natural body movements” (toilet)
When I weigh it’s always the same time, same scales and always after using the toilet in the morning BEFORE consuming anything. Don’t be in the habit of every day

I do that.

Same scale, in the morning before anything.

I also take measurements on my body, and they are almost the same also, going up and down. Overall I have lost about 2 cm on my waist. But it’s the same, up and down. But it all seems very slow

How much cardio are you doing at the gym?

What is your water/fluid intake like. If not adequate your body will retain fluids which will affect your weight.

I do weight lifting.

The more muscle I’m building the more energy should the body need. I need to build muscle to have a long working life with a healthy body.

But even If I don’t do cardio, I work out atleast 4 days a week. And I eat less calories than I need.

And measurements around my waist shouldn’t increase when I’m weight lifting?

I’m trying to drink a good amount of water every day, I think I don’t drink enough of water though.

Around the waist I have lost 2 cm on 7 weeks, but my chest and stomach I only lost 1 cm…

Very much armchair advice here but from my understanding aerobic exercise burns way more calories and keeps your metabolism elevated for longer than weight training, even if you’re really pushing yourself to your limit with the weights - if weight loss is the aim then you should definitely incorporate cardio into your gym sessions.

Don’t bore yourself with an hour on the treadmill though. A 15 minute HIIT sprint at the top of your session would work best. Ticks the boxes for weight loss, quads, glutes, and general warm up. (try and use one of those non-motored curved treadmills if your gym has one).

No idea about measurements though, that’s one for a chat with a PT I reckon.

I would say this is fairly typical to some extent. For people who just started weight loss programs accompanied by weightlifting, it’s fairly easy to build muscle and lose fat at the same time which is why initially you might not see much difference. Also, as mentioned before you need to factor in possibly higher amounts of water retained in your body. Some gyms/scales give an option to perform electrolysis and measure the amounts of fat/water/muscle/bone in your body. They are not the best indicator, but they are decent at tracking progress so if you have access to one of these you should make use of it. Additionally, there is a possibility that your calculations are not correct for one reason or another (e.g sedentary job, time spent asleep, etc.). Finally, your weight during the day can change by as much as 3kg so if you weigh yourself daily you should use the average of last X (e.g. 3) weightings as your current weight which should give you more accurate information. Also to my knowledge 1100kcal is going to result in approximately 1.1kg weight loss per week so if you lost 5kg then it’s not that far off the mark

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Did you ever check, how many grams a scoop used your way really contains?
How high in calories are your regular meals?

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If I were you I would start weighing my Huel rather than scooping.

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No, I don’t weigh it. But I’ll get a scale to see more exact.

But I think that I have had a too bad control of overall calories. I have remade my excel and it’s shows that I have eaten more than I thought, some less than I need to maintain my weight so I still have lost weight, but I need to step it up and eat more huel and less real food.

I think I’m gonna eat some real food on weekends and huel the rest.

Blue on the top one is the day to day calories, the red is a 7 day average, yellow is 30 day average. Top red is calories to maintain weight, bottom green is to loose weight.

I guess it always boils down to one having eaten more than one realises, when weight does not go down as expected. Personally I have stopped imagining that my body works any differently to anyone else’s and when I gain or lose too much weight I always look for where I might be miscalculating my intake :slight_smile: I no longer believe in damaged metabolisms that keep people fat on 800 kcal per day.