Weight Loss Switching to Huel Advice


I’m currently on a 1500 a day calorie diet which has resulted in loosing 23KGs since xmas (combined with lots of exercise).

I tried a sample of Huel an enjoyed it, I was looking for something that gives me all the right nutrients etc as typically on 1500 Cals Im low on protein, fibre etc and eat a low of fruit so according to MFP sugar is way over.

Im looking to switch to still having a normal meal for now but maintain the 1500 Cal intake. (so breakfast and Lunch) my questions are this

  1. Given its short to reach all the Goals should I supplement with Vitamins and add some protein powder etc? (Main concern is protein and fibre are generally well short, low fibre causes me other issues.

  2. Previously I was using Orilstat with my main meal (as prescibred) which reduces fat absorption, Ive been using this for about 6 weeks, not sure if its helping or not as my daily fat intake has only been around 20-25G total per day. Should I continue with these or simply reduce the Huel intake accordingly (and hope I don’t get hungry as I aim to burn 750 Cals 5 days a week via exercise).

Im currently 183CM, 117Kg Been loosing approx 8KG per month although it is slowing now.

Many thanks

Hi and welcome to Huel

  1. If your solid meal is varied and includes different food choices, you shouldn’t need to supplement with anything; just consume the food and Huel.

  2. The choice to whether on not use Orlistat should be between you and your doctor.

8kg per month is great - as long as you’re continuing to lose, all’s good.

Thanks James, Im doing one main meal and replacement as planned.

Drs advice was only take Orlistat with the main meal, then drop it all together once my BMI hits 25.

All the best with it!