Weightwatchers points in Huel

Hi Does anybody know how many weightwatcher points are in Huel?

This has come up before and someone suggested they’d be about 10 syns, but it’s difficult to say for sure because of the way syns are worked out.

Thanks Tristan for sharing the post. It would be interesting to know the true points value both in Slimming world Syns points and Weightwatchers points from the folks at Huel as that could be something interesting to have on the packaging.

Using the WW calculator it is 10 smart points for 100g (400 Cals)m - for the Vanilla one

How on earth would Huel know? They’re proprietary metrics at best; part of a scam at worst (*). Tell The organisations concerned what’s in Huel. If they can’t or won’t tell you what their corresponding magic numbers are no one else can with any reliability.

(*) I’m aware private slimming groups do on average seem to help people lose weight; I’m not disputing that. Merely suspicious that a non profit support group, without all the nonsense arithmetic, would do just as well.


The other post suggests that macro balance/fat content etc is taken into account as well. It’s a very closed system though, designed to keep someone in the WW ecosystem I guess.

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Thanks GeekBunny