Well if it’s good enough for…

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I think it’s also good nutrition for the male escort you forcibly imprison in your house (topical news is not my forte).

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I saw this! Cool when famous people pop up using Huel. There’s tons of musicians who have used Huel before: Pro Green, Gareth Gates, Disclosure, one of the guitarists from The Libertines I think, James Gillet from Malory Knox, DJ Fresh and more I’m forgetting right now! I think a lot of musicians, particularly touring bands, find Huel super useful, like many other jobs I imagine there’s a lot of service stations on the road!


Just putting it out there…

Almost enough for Hueliganbury, Secret Hueligan Party, Huelfields.

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NOW WE’RE TALKING! Brewdog investor AGM style, one day we will have our own festival!