What happens to the Huel that is not sold?

I am curious to know what happens with the Huel that is not sold before the best before date.

a) That has never happen. We always sell out.

b) We offer a sale before this happens to avoid wasting food.

c) We give it away to charities or similar organizations to help those in need.

d) We unfortunately have to throw it away.

e) None of the above.

I am curious if anybody knows the answer of can point me to where the answer is.

Thank you


They should sell it to us for a quid a packet :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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This is very good question



Any ideas tim

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I can sure help with that :slight_smile: It’s a combination of A and B.

a) As you know, Huel has a shelf life of 5-12 months (depending on the product), so if it goes out of date then something has gone very wrong with our forecasting! We’ve got someone in the UK dedicated to this role and are recruiting another one too. A large part of their role is to ensure we make exactly the right amount of product to meet the demand. However, generally their role is more focused around making sure we don’t sell out!

b) We don’t often do limited production runs but when we do this can happen. For example when we did Mince Pie flavour preblend last year the minimum batch quanities meant that we would have been selling it well into January, so we had a large sale to utilise the stock. The rest of it went to my house. :yum: :santa::christmas_tree:

Hope that helps, we very rarely are put in this situation; as I said the problem is usually the other way round.
Oh in addition, when we launch new versions of Huel Powder (e.g. v2.2 --> v2.3) we generally make the change over once we’ve shifted the vast majority of the previous version stock - the rest is usually sent to HQ for us to make our way through.


Thank you for your clarification. I suspected as much. I had some ideas (which are not particularly innovative) if the opposite were the case.

Good to see Huel’s doing well though