Where are all the RTD?

It depends on market and products available I guess – for example – Jfood’s vegan 500ml RTD is exactly the same on shelf RRP in Europe (3,99 €) as Huel RTD is in the UK (£3.50) whereas Soylent in the USA on shelf is slightly more expensive at $4.50 (the equivalent to £3.60)

A lot of the supermarket brands do seem to be loaded with sugar yes – especially the higher protein ones. The Jfood drink does have a little more sugar than Huel but it’s only a 1 percent difference. Fats are higher 24g vs 18g for Huel and it has almost double the salt of Huel. Generally though it seems a fairly decent product on paper, so because the price point is the same – it would be down to your preference and availability.

You often get what you pay for though and the cheap supermarket stuff is garbage

That is wonderful how you responded so quickly. I’m looking for something that is not RTD but perhaps tastes like RTD (or like Vanilla Slim Fast) - smooth creamy and and does not require super high protein in my case - do you have anything like that in your pipeline? Thank you!

If you have a blender at home and don’t mind the minimal prep, I would suggest looking into either Huel Powder or Huel Essential Powder, which you can find here.

Huel Powder has the most similar macronutrient split compared with Ready-to-drink, and with enough tinkering, you can achieve a similar, but not exact taste and consistency.

If you decide to give the powder a try, here are some of the things you can do to make it more like Ready-to-drink:

  • Always add water before the powder.
  • Blend your Huel instead of shaking! I understand you want something that has a vanilla flavour, but if you don’t mind trying something new, feel free to add some banana for extra thickness and added taste!
  • Refrigerate for a couple of hours before consuming for a smoother consistency!
  • Use a milk of your choice for a more creamy consistency.
  • Finally, add some ice :ice_cube:

Let me know your thoughts, and I hope this has helped :pray:


Huel Powder contains 30 grams of protein per 400 kcal portion, and Huel Essential Powder 20 grams per 400 kcal.

Still waiting to place an order for RTD… so placed my first ever order from https://uk.yfood.eu/ today
For context I’ve not ordered from a Huel competitor since my first Huel order in April 2016
Is this the end of a 7 year relationship…??

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Just so that we’re on the same page, have you ever had Ready-to-drink before, or are you still looking to try?

As mentioned previously, we’re working hard behind the scenes to have Ready-to-drink back in stock for one-off purchases as soon as possible. To clarify, if you are a current subscriber, your upcoming order should not be affected as we have stock reserved for our subs :pray:

Is this a reason to end a 7-year-long relationship? If so, why? Would love to understand your thoughts better :smiling_face:

You’ve heard of the 7 year itch, obviously M’s 7 year long love affair with the brand is waning. The sun is always sunnier on the other side of Sussex (or something like that).

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@Dom_Huel pretty regular user of RTD for the last couple of years, cant check as Huel order history function is down too at the moment it seems…
Sainsbury’s Local is my go to whenever possible because I can expense RTD breakfast/lunch/dinner (although usually only one of those a day)
I love RTD when flying short haul as its meal and then water bottle airside
If only RTD was a easy to by as milk - located in the same place as milk…

Regarding solubility a milk-based protein powder that is higher in carbohydrates than is usual for protein shakes gives good results, especially if you use a portable, USB-driven mixer/shaker-combination (which costs about 30 Euros).
In general whey or milk based formulas are better in that regard, so if you’re not vegan that might be an option. The flavour choices are larger than for Huel.
Some very good products is a complete food brand from Germany, at least here their RTDs are available in retail, and they provide even more flavour choices than Huel (I guess I am not allowed to post the name of the company, but you will find it, as there aren’t too many milk based complete food companies from Germany).

ah - to be clear I’m not suggesting that Huel RTD changes - its bloody good just as it is
Its just that it seems to be in a different and randon location in every store
If the RTD is always in the milk section, the easist to find - in its current packaging form but also in a 4 pint form, that would be amazing :smile:

It would be great to get some data on the Huel flavours (a simple pie chart would work)
The page Huel Ready-to-drink (Huel RTD) lists chocolate as the ‘most popular
This must be an error… !

  • Banana #1
  • Berry #2
  • Vanilla #3

All of these are delicious from the fridge, at room temperature or hot after being left in the car all day

thats because its down to the store itself where they market it - not much Huel can do about that.

I believe the most popular label is driven by sales - as it changes from time to time - so chocolate must be the current top seller.

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I know for a fact that’s not always the case. I know someone who has best selling products listed that are ones he wants to get shot off and so people will often go for it. I’m not the Great fan of chocolate to be honest. I’ve really got a linking for banana RTD even though I don’t generally like banana flavour or flavoured stuff (apart from bananas).

Stocks are quite low at Bristol airport departures right now. Couple of banana and 3 choc

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I seem to recall Tim or a surrogate Tim mentioning it at some point in the past - thats how they did it on the online store - could be wrong - but, also, barely care :slight_smile:

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I meant not always the case for all businesses. It may well be for Huel. I can see why it doesn’t always have your bestsellers listed as bestsellers. For one they are probably selling ok for them to be top spot and you may have some old or short dated stock you want to shift. Bestseller it and see if you can catch some fish.

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We have a look at the best selling & best retaining products and update the BSB roughly every 6 months :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for getting back to me and clarifying :blush: Have you had a chance to give your local Sainsbury’s a visit to see what their Ready-to-drink stock looks like? If they’re low, there might be other stockists in your area and I would recommend checking out the following link :point_right: Huel is available in-store! Find your nearest shop now.

Ooh look at me going on holiday.

I wish. It’s a business trip. Can you guess where I am