Where’s my parcel?

I’m not getting a response from emailing you, can’t get an update from DPD re: delivery and the phone number advertised on your website doesn’t work … where is my parcel?

Hey Rebecca,

Super sorry you haven’t received your order yet. I can see we have received your emails from yesterday and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

From a quick look, I can see that your parcel was unable to be delivered to your chosen pick-up shop. I imagine this due to one of two reasons, either the pick-up shop is currently full or the parcel is too large for them to accept.

I will drop an email to our fulfilment team to gather some more information on this and I’ll keep you updated.

Response inside an hour - that’s better than a London ambulance!

I’m having exactly the same problem, I’ve sent several emails and am not getting any response. What is going on?

We answer emails in chronological order, the reason you haven’t been replied to is likely just because we haven’t got to you yet. If your email was sent over two days ago then let us know as that wouldn’t be normal, unless it was a weekend.

Sorry for any issues, we will get it sorted.