Who is Huel's target market?

Hi Julian, I was just wondering who your target market is for Huel? Most of us on here seem to be using it to lose weight (though I did see the post about using it to put weight on). Who else do you think will be using it?

I’ve mentioned it to a few people, and like me they’d be looking at using it to lose weight, but it looks pretty flexible?

I think they will be two main types of users people who want “fast food but not junk food”, food can be a hassle some time, ensuring you have the right stuff in the cupboard, cooking can take time, and now days your have to worry about eating the right thing and avoiding the wrong things.

Secondly people who want to healthier and maybe increase or decrease their weight but find calorie counting of a large variety of foods hard.

I think that vegans or want to be vegans will be interested. I disagree with how animals are often treated, but being vegan is not easy, but Huel offer a simple way to be vegan whilst getting all the correct nutrients.

Here are a few others that should be attracted:
Overworked People
Computer geeks
Lorry drivers


Wow that’s some list! You could be right about the vegan thing, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but like you say it can be difficult.


Stoners, that made me laugh! Probably true though, at least it would be one healthy thing they’re doing.


While traveling / hiking / camping this would be very useful as you’ll be able to loose a lot of weight in your pack!
I’d really like to give it a try but can’t afford to pay the £45 if it’s not to my liking. Will there be a sample sachet available at any point? :slight_smile:

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Great question. Yes there will be samples in maybe a month.



I bought Huel mainly to use whilst backpacking as I like food (and cooking) too much to consume Huel full time. However, I am now planning to go to the Faroe Islands next summer and it may be that I will use it much more on that trip. One question comes to mind - are there any restrictions on carrying Huel on aircraft? Not a silly question as powders can be explosive!

I find the taste too bland/boring for full-time use - so I am experimenting with added fruit. I may also try adding other powders (such as Acai berry) - if only to make it a more interesting colour.


I don’t travel on planes much so I’m no expert. My guess would be that infant milk powder is often carried on planes, plus protein powders too, so it shouldn’t be a problem but certainly worth checking with the airline first.

Also some countries e.g. Australia are not keen / don’t allowed food to be imported.

Regarding added extra flavours there are some good suggestion here: http://huel.me/pages/how-to-use-huel

I can see no reason why Huel couldn’t be taken on planes, but check with the country you’re travelling to that there are no restrictions on foodstuffs which you can bring in. They’re generally ok with things like this, more fruit, veg and meats that are an issue.