Wholewheat pasta in Huel H&S

Wouldn’t it be better nutritionally if the H&S pasta varieties were made with wholewheat pasta?

Has a compromise been made here for taste (as I think more people prefer white pasta to wholewheat pasta)?

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White pasta also tends to last longer than whole wheat pasta.

Just to clarify, what nutrients are you thinking of? Fibre? Magnesium? Zinc?

Hey good question @mostynwilson.

I can see where you’re coming from, the reason we use white pasta is because it hydrates better and is more suitable for H&S. You’re also right that in general people prefer white pasta and for certain flavours, such as Mac & Cheeze, you don’t see any products with wholewheat pasta at all.

When you look at the nutrition in H&S you will see that all flavours are high in fibre and the micronutrients that you would find in wholewheat pasta.

Thanks, Dan. That makes sense.