Why do I need to wait 2 months [SOLVED]

I just bought the black edition this morning .

I went to check on huel.com (I was very excited)
Just to find out that my order will arrive in two months!!!

Can you believe! So now good bye budget and proteine as well :exploding_head:

If there are out there people thinking :thinking: do I buy it or not better you dont, unless you are about to start your gym adventure in two months time .

Because they basically run out of the black edition.

The worst thing about it is that they are still selling it! without saying anything or warning customers.

Therefore as a customers we do not have right to choose , great job huelies you rocks !

Lets be clear ,you dont sell something you do not have .

My advice dears Pals:

unless you want to feel what’s looks like to thrown away £50 also having to work out without protein . So what is the point of Huel .

It sounds like you’re actually looking at your next renewal date if you have made a subscription, rather than the delivery time frame for your current order. We’re not currently out of stock of Black Edition.

If you’d like to discuss further, please drop us an email at team@huel.com and either myself or one of the team will be more than happy to look into your delivery.

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Been using Huel for ages and delivery has always been good. There was a issue last month with some deliveries but sounds like what Cam said, checking the subscription.