Why hide information in the (I) boxes?

Ordered what I thought was plain Huel Parcel arrives. Vanilla. Damn.
ordered some more. Really sure I’ve not ticked vanilla this time.
More Vanilla.
3rd time. Really sure no vanilla. Screen shot shows original.

WHICH IS ALSO VANILLA! Why? Why not have that clear?

Why do you need 2 vanilla? It’s confusing.

1/ Have it clear, that one is old vanilla, one is new vanilla.
2/ Remove the (i) blue buttons and just display the text.

Anyone else made this mistake?

Hi Ian, sorry to hear you’re finding the product page confusing. The information regarding the Vanilla/Original/Unflavoured isn’t hidden, you just need to click the area around it. Some people have made the mistake of ordering Original instead of New and Improved or visa versa, but the Unflavoured and Unsweetened option is definitely the clearest.

  • New and Improved is vanilla
  • Original is our old vanilla
  • Unflavoured and Unsweetened has no vanilla flavour nor sweetener.

Because some of our customers like the new one and some like the old one. Some like both!

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I can’t really see the UX Benefit to hiding the second line when it holds such important information. It’s really not that much bigger a box if you revealed all the info in the (i) boxes and just put it in. Plus you can get rid of the (i) Spoken to 3 friends, all don’t think it’s clear, or at least could be much clearer. Understand the old hand huelers get it, but for new customers hiding the flavour, just doesn’t make sense, especially when it’s stated in the title of the first.

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