Why is Huel Peanut Butter Discontinued?

Why is Huel Peanut Butter being discontinued?

It’s “Most Popular!”

I especially like mixing one scoop peanut butter with one scoop chocolate. :pleading_face:

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I’m not sure that these tags are real. I suspect they often put them there to move older stock for first time customers. That said, it’s most likely the price of the ingreadients going up. It’s the only one that uses a different type of oat, if I’m not mistaken.

Being mostly UK based, the last time I was in the US we bought 16 bags of Black. Hoping to go again before they stop selling the white, to stock up.

My absolute favorite was Black PB/Banana.

Most popular I believe relates to its current selling volumes not historical ones - seem to recall that being mentioned before. so while it might be flagged as popular currently, its sales history maybe low.

(so if they announced it’s discontinuation, existing customers may have ordered much more than normal to stock up and pushed it into a temporarily popular position for example - as today, it doesn’t hold the top spot anymore)

Unfortunately, the manufacturers that we work with found it hard working with the allergen of peanuts. We also wanted to ensure that all other powder flavors were nut-free.

As an alternative, you could opt for Vanilla V3.0 or Black Edition and mix/blend in a scoop of peanut butter. This is one of my favorite things to do.

I assume this is because they have to thoroughly clean the equipment after a run of peanut butter. Would they consider doing one run a year? I’d buy a year’s worth all at once. I bought a bunch when the discontinuation was announced, and I just opened my last bag. :frowning:

Maybe it’s not worth the additional complexity of having a limited-availability flavor… but it really was the best flavor.

Having effective cleaning in place protocols is definitely a challenge, but there’s also the risk of cross contamination to other lines even during the normal packing process. In an ideal world, products with potential very harmful allergens need to be in a separate controlled/location but that would also be a challenge for smaller plants.