Why is Huel support never answering?

I ordered at the end of January Huel. They collected the money but I never received my package. I have contacted support many times but they never answer me.

Is this the level of support they want to be associated with?

Probably the same answer as this?

Literally one post above you man, come on…

No it is not that. I think it deserves another post. I want Huel to see this and respond to my support messages.

I received my packages but got a Coffee package instead of Vanilla Original. I contacted them for a swap but also no response either.

It could be a fault of my own though (I was a little indecisive while choosing) so I am not going to pursue it. Am surprised at the lack of customer service / response though! I hope you get a response soon.

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Given the relative speed of response when complaints are posted on the forum (and visible to the public), I think making a separate post is appropriate when this person has been waiting since January.