Why is My order taking so long

I am new huel customer from Ireland I ordered huel on 17 October and said not coming till 14 November 27 days what hell if no going take dis long I would have bought the product

It sounds like you’ve set up a monthly subscription to Huel (which you would be able to cancel if you wanted!), rather than an actual purchase of Huel (or you have done both and the initial purchase confirmation email hasn’t sent - see First order confusion for someone else who recently did the same). There’s no reason why a simple delivery of Huel would take 27 days.

Best to email Huel’s customer service team@huel.com or call them 01296 678516 - or maybe @Tim_Huel can help.

Please check under your Order History, not Subscriptions page.

as others have said it seems you’ve set up a 4 weekly subscription so that date is the next queued subscription after what will be the initial delivery which you should get a despatch notification for. Just so you are aware - because the subscription is 4 weekly the date will change month to month so if you want to be on the same day every month you can change it to monthly instead of 4 weekly.

Echo what others have said, that’s your next order you’re seeing on your subscription (this is being changed for future account versions). Your order should be delivered today.

If you didn’t mean to sign up for a subscription, then you can go into your account and cancel this anytime.