Why no sample packs

Yeah, good point…it took me a while to get my ideal way of prepping it…you wouldn’t get that ability in a one off sample.

I guess the ability to get a single bag on first order would be useful…or maybe a starter pack with one bag (although I use a mix of vanilla and unflavoured, so one bag could still not help me here if I was a n00b), plus shaker plus scoops plus 5 bars, plus one box granola.

Guess whatever Huel decided it still wouldn’t work 100%


Yes, fair point. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have tried it at all if i had to fork out £40, never having tried any kind of meal substitute / additive. Everybody’s psychology is a bit different!

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Good point!

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I loved the Huel sample packs for travel, 100g size is close enough for a shake and it was easier for me to take 10 smaller packets for 10 breakfast meals rather than take 1 big 28 meal bag which takes up a lot of room in the suitcase. I also think the airports are happier with sealed packages instead of an open bag (i.e. it would be open on the return journey).


Me too…I did buy quite a lot for that reason…

Lots of good points raised here, apologies for not seeing this thread. As you’ve mentioned we did used to do samples.

For a long time we offered a one-shot sample of 100g for £4, but we consistently got reports and feedback in surveys that it was horrible, lumpy etc. People were putting it in a glass and mixing with a fork, accidentally using warm water or simply not liking the Vanilla flavour. These are not good experiences and not what Huel is at it’s best. We know you need cold water, a good shaker and the knowledge that you can add your own flavours, our flavours, mix half vanilla and half UU and that it just takes some experimentation.

We even did for a shorter period of time as a test a £5 bundle that included 3 x 100g sachets, plus a shaker. But still these reports came in - it simply didn’t work.

I think it comes down to the fact the main benefit of Huel is incredible nutritional value which isn’t a tangible experience, or certainly isn’t in the short term, whereas taste and texture are and can so easily put people off something that could be so great for them.

If you don’t like the taste, it doesn’t really matter - you can change it to your liking.
If you don’t like the texture, it doesn’t really matter - you can change it to your liking.

Hope that explains our reasoning, I know it doesn’t solve the problem you’re having. I can only assure you that Huel is so, so worth it. If it doesn’t work out? Heck, there’s thousands of Huelers here who would love to help :blush:


I had no issues with the sample packs as I was already using Huel regularly, I simply liked the fact that I could purchase individual serving sized (roughly) that was fully branded and sealed which I was more comfortable taking through airports.
I am flying to South Korea in April and have 6 or 7 sample pouches left, if I had the option I would have purchased a few more so that I could at least have a nutritious breakfast each morning (as I am a little scared of the Korean food!).

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Looks like sample packs are not the best idea, but having an option to buy single serving packs is something that some people would find useful.
Same product different marketing…

BTW intro to Forum on top of the page still states that sample packs are available. Complete with broken link. Any chance to fix this please?


The trouble with that is potential users will still see them & buy them to
trial the product. Not as high a proportion, granted, but probably not that
far off.

Thanks a bunch, sorry for that. Fixed. Instagram link at top is wrong too before someone points that out too!

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Especially when the formula changes so often and the flavors are changed so dramatically!

I saw my co-worker with the bottle and she told me about it. Once I saw the price I assumed there would be a sample available for purchase. There is just no way I would spend that much money on a product I haven’t tried without being able to sample it first. I don’t waste money like that. I think a simple disclaimer about using a blender and adding your own flavors would suffice. I hate stevia and all other sugar substitutes, so I get excited when I see unsweetened or even low normal sugar products. It’s too bad. I wanted something a bit more substantial than my current unsweetened protein shake.

That’s true. After I got my first batch of Huel I ordered the sample pack from Jake, containing three rations. When the Jake arrived I was already hooked on Huel, and since my first sip of Jake was terrible – where were the interesting lumps? where was the faint yet curious half-bitterish after-taste? and why this totally overwhelming sugary sweetness? – I only tried one ration (well, half a sample, couldn’t even finish it) and just gave the two remaining packs to a friend without the feeling of being financially hurt. I hardly would have done that with the hefty bags of Huel without having tried do down as much of them as possible.

The Huel community thanks you for your glowing review… :joy:

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I understand your frustration but still stand by my comments in my above post. Huel isn’t something that everyone gets perfect on the first go.


I was a little surprised when Huel stopped doing sample packs (cos they used to), but having watched the forum over the intervening months I can agree that one sample is definitely not enough to appreciate Huel. I was disappointed on my first taste, and because people’s tastes vary so much it is really worth playing around with it. I originally bought 2 vanilla flavour bags and with water straight out the blender I thought the texture was good, but the taste a bit meh. It certainly didn’t make me gag like some protein powders, but I wasn’t overkeen.

Nevertheless I persevered, tweaked it, and continued to drink it twice a day, as I still do over 2 years later. I now mix the flavours up a bit, but my basic and everyday mix is 500ml of water/almond or hemp milk. half and half. Also 50/50 original vanilla/unflavoured - 50g of each. I no longer use a blender but just shake it for about 20 seconds, then store in the fridge overnight in 2 shakers for my 2 meals, and drink chilled if possible…although I don’t mind it at room temp. as it tastes more oaty. I used to like the little lumps from shaking it, but either my wrist action is improved, or the Huel powder mix has altered, but I rarely get them now.

EVERYONE should experiment with their Huel, even if they think it was good first time. It could be better.


I recommend to a work college but wanted her to try first so did up a few 100g for her with instructions cause it does take a few tries to get it right for different people

That is disappointing to hear. You shouldn’t have to get a product perfect in order to like it at least a little bit. If there are no instructions that can assist with this issue that sounds like a problem with the product. Something about this attitude reeks of a scam. To require new customers to commit to $120 worth of product in order to try it is like saying you don’t believe they would come back otherwise. I’m now completely put off by your product due to your attitude.

Tim said not everyone gets it perfect on the first try. Why does that sound like a scam. I have tried many different ways, but have eventually stuck with plain ole vanilla as I like it. Who knows, if you try it you may like it. It’s not really a massive gamble. I dont see any other food manufacturere that gives out samples, go to Tesco and say you wont buy anything util you have tried a sample, see what response you get.


Hello fellow human! Welcome to the forum! I am RyanT. I am a friendly local Hueler and not a robot or a scambot or anything designed to trick unsuspecting humans into giving [INSERT COMPANY NAME] all of their hard-earned money. We are all like you and all give money for [INSERT PRODUCT NAME], so you should too!

Ok just kidding no offense but you’re being a bit unfair. So the product doesn’t come in sizes you like? It’s an eco-friendly company and I for one like that they don’t make lots of small shipments. Take a risk! They refund unopened bags anyway if you don’t get on with the first. (also, $120? is that what they charge for two bags in the US or is that an exaggeration?)

So anyway I don’t get your motivation for coming on here, criticising the staff and suggesting the product has “problems” if you haven’t even tried it. This is a happy place, just flick through and see how many lives have been changed by this fantastic product.

FYI there is a US version of the forum I believe, if you would like to antagonise the moderators in your region as well