Why Protein Helps to Keep You Feeling Full

I’ve published an article on LinkedIn which explores the claim: “Protein helps to fill you up!”

  • What’s the truth behind this claim?
  • How sound is the science behind it?
  • What to eat to help fill you up?

You can read it here.

The science behind protein and satiety was part of the rationale when we created Huel Complete Protein.

Any queries, let me know here :slight_smile:


That’s really interesting. I’m a very hungry person and don’t understand when people say they don’t get hungry. I’m always hungry and can consume a vast amount of food before I feel full. People ask me if my stomach has shrunk since I’ve lost all my weight and I can honestly say no, I can still eat a lot of food if I want to. It’s a constant battle.

Huel has helped me in many ways but most importantly it gives me the correct nutrition so I don’t faint when I get hungry. And no, I’m not starving myself and I drink all the time. So, I can get hungry but don’t have to eat if I know I only ate a couple of hours ago because I know that my body doesn’t actually need any more food and I’m not going to fall over. I’ve order some protein powder to use for snacks so I’m looking forward to trying them.

Thanks, @Julia

The biology of hunger is highly complex involving numerous of the body’s processes, I touched on just two of the hormones in the article. Much of the science is still being discovered and a book - let alone an article - wouldn’t do the topic justice.

If you are interested, the Book Why We Eat (Too Much) has some good info (I liked it), though on the topic of appetite, there is so much more to cover than the author includes.

Otherwise, have a google on the topic of dopamine and the drive to eat - it’s fascinating.

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