Why the support team@huel.com is so slow answering?

I’m trying to follow the guidelines to use the support email to sort out problems, (btw, where can I find the live chat you mentioned?) I’m actually facing other problems.
I’m having problems with the charge of my orders, I opened 2 tickets, I got one answer only and after 1 or 2 days waiting (not to mention a pretty fast and a bit shallow answer).
Is there a better way to contact you guys at Huel?


the live chat is on the UK website - lower right hand corner

I’m in the UK as well, but I can’t see it.
Which page? Are you logged in?
I’m using Brave (a Chrome-based browser) and tried both with shields on and off.


if its live (which it currently is) it appears on all pages. Im looking at it now using Safari and its there.

you can also call them during UK office hours on 01296 678516

Safari… the only one I didn’t check (I checked Chrome, Brave and Firefox).
You are right. The chat is working with Safari (weird). Thanks for that.
The slow answer from the support is still a problem for me


PS: I’m trying now but the chat is just the bot. If you have some questions it will redirect to the send a message window, so back to square one.

I use Chrome and I can see chat without being logged in https://uk.huel.com/

It’s all about Microsoft Edge now. Edge > Chrome.

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Ok, thanks, guys. That was sorted out pretty fast.
So many years using Huel and never used the forum. My bad!

I still use Netscape navigator…don’t need this new fangled rubbish.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we’ve had a high number of emails and messages reaching out to us recently and we have been working our way through them.

I can see my colleague Hannah has now responded to you, but if there is anything else you need feel free to drop us an email :slightly_smiling_face:

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it’s a customer service teams nightmare, when things stop working normally more people contact the company and have to answer the queries which takes away from the time they could be helping hands on get things back to normal. vicious circle

I’m also having the same issues with total silence after sending several emails to team@huel.com since 6 Sep. The live chat is a bot and serves no useful purpose in rectifying a short shipment problem with my order.

I’m at my wits end and hope this post reaches the right people at Huel.

outside of UK office hours

you can also call them, again, during UK office hours and/or contact them on social media chat channels if you use any of them

Is the number: + 44 1296 678516? I’ve been trying and the number isn’t connecting.

Thanks for the tip on reaching out to Huel on social media channels. Am doing it now.

yes thats the number on the website.

Appreciate it thanks. FYI, the number is not connecting.

I’m having to chase all of my latest orders and the chat is defiantly a bot. 11:00am UK time and had to leave a message. No live chat at all.

We do apologise for the delay in getting back to you, we are experiencing high numbers of contacts at the momet and we are working as quickly as we can to get through all messages as soon as possible.

I can see your email has now been responded to, if there is anything else the team can do to help please let us know.

We’re currently experiencing delivery delays of 4-5 days, which we do apologise for, however if you’re order is taking long than this timescale we can make sure to investigate as soon as we can. If you have dropped us an email we will make sure to get back to you about this as soon as possible. You can also get in touch via phone or by reaching out on our social media channels.