Witness me tediously track my weight loss here

Morning all.

I feel like I have completed wasted the weight-loss opportunities of lockdown by not exercising much, feasting on Dairy Milk and quesadillas and watching a lot of Netflix. However, I’ve finally had a strict word with myself and am on the wagon now. I had some Huel in the cupboard so I have gone old-school and started calorie counting.

A bit of background: a lot of my work involves food/drink writing. This usually involves many visits to bars and restaurants, but during lockdown has translated into being sent a fair amount of meals and products to try. I find Huel a really good way to balance out calorific food.

I’ve been overweight since leaving university and moving to London, ranging between a BMI of about 26 and 30. I lost a fair bit a few years back (2011) by low-carbing and got down to 11s 12.5 (still a bit overweight) and felt really good. Then, over the following two years, I put on two stone. :grimacing: Since then, I’ve pretty much always been between 12s 10 and 13s 7, thankfully never seeing the dreaded 13st 12 again.

I do hold my weight quite well (doctors usually guess my weight at around two stone lighter than I am - I must be very dense) and still wear a 14/16 throughout most of this, but I’d love to get down to a BMI of 25, which is a slim-looking size 12ish for me and around 11st. I can’t get my head around being lighter than this yet as I haven’t seen anything below 11st since I was in sixth form (and very slim).

I also need to get back into exercise (mainly brisk walking and free weights - without the gym, cardio is tricky as I have an arthritic condition that means I can’t run much).

Beginning of 2020: 13s 9.5
Beginning of starting Huel/calorie counting: 13s 6.5
First goal: 12s 13.75 (ie under 13st :smile: )

The plan is to replace one or two meals with Huel each day, plus one or two meals. I’ve downloaded the spreadsheet Vahan kindly posted here to work out my calories and also checked on other sites about calorie ranges. The Mathematical Diet

At the moment I need 1853 calories to maintain, so I’m aiming for between 1350 and 1500 and I’m happy to take this slow and steady. I’m a daily weigher and no, it doesn’t freak me out.

I’m loving the Huel so far - it makes me feel “level” so I don’t get the huge swings of fullness and hunger. It’s a kind of clean, energised feeling. I’m a Vanilla or Mint Choc person, although I’ve ordered the peanut butter and salted caramel bars, plus the flavour-boost taster pack. I’m excited about trying the Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Mocha, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel flavours, but less interested in the really fruity ones.

So, thanks for reading this far. First weigh-in is tomorrow.


I’m in such a similar place, weight wise! Was 13st 4.5lb ten days ago when I started 100% Huel and am also using it to lose weight. I should hit the 12s by my next weekly weigh in on Sunday so that’s a great starting goal!

I also carry my weight well, I’m a 14-16 too and people always think I weigh around 11 stone and are shocked when I tell them what I actually weigh!

I will definitely follow your journey - best of luck!

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Ah, my twin! I hope we both see the elusive 12s very soon.

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with calorie counting consider this:

“20g” sugar in coca cola is completely different to “20g” sugar in watermelon.

basically do more exercise and eat more healthy foods if youre hungry and cut out unhealthy foods.

everyone knows what the difference is, dont be tricked by reading the nutritional info on each and thinking those numbers mean the same thing.

choose healthy fat

Yep, I have low-carbed for years so know all about sugar. I just chose to ignore it during the recent Dairy Milk debacle.

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huella deville is a genius name btw

i bet you have black hair

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Haha thanks. No, I’m blonde.


End of week one here.

Beginning of 2020: 13s 9.5
Beginning of starting Huel/calorie counting: 13s 6.5
Week one: 13s 3 (-3.5lb)
First goal: 12s 13.75 (ie under 13st :smile: )

So, 3.5lb down. Can’t complain as it’s been no great chore. I’ve seen 13s 2 a couple of times this week, but it was not to be today.

I feel a lot better than I did this time last week - a lot less bloated and more energy in the afternoons. I’ve been considering trying a 100% Huel day, but haven’t managed it yet as by the evening I’ve always wanted a solid meal. I definitely need to walk more but the weather has been vile here.

I have a new Huel delivery arriving later, so I’ll get to try the bars again. I had the choc orange bars last spring but I think they’ve changed since then.


I think I must be the only person in the world who thinks the old bars were far superior to the new ones! This is in taste, texture and size.

thats CRAZY YO

My Huel delivery just arrived and obviously I have already eaten a peanut butter bar. Really nice when microwaved for a bit :yum:

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i order two bars just to eat while unpacking

we have so much in common

Amaaaaazing result, well done! I haven’t tried any of the bars, let me know whether you recommend them?

I’ll be weighing in on Sunday so I’ll update then.

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They’re OK - they taste fine, not amazing IMO. Handy as a 200kcal snack. They’re quite similar to Quest bars in flavour if you’ve tried them?

I’m another 1.25lb down this morning but this is not an official weigh in!

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Just tried the mocha flavour boost - delicious! Better than the chocolate one which didn’t really taste of anything (I’m better off using cocoa in a vanilla Huel).


thats a good one (mocha)

Hmm I have not. Are they in the UK? Actually don’t answer that. I might derail myself from my 100% Huel journey. Another thread announced that jammy dodgers are apparently now vegan so there’s a chance I might eat too many (packets) of them if I’m not careful.

UHHMazing! Well done you! You’re smashing it. You’ll be in the 12s in no time. I’m currently sitting at 13st 1lb although also not an official weigh day. I like to go on the weekends so I have time to poop first. Hoping I’ll be at straight 13 on Sunday’s weigh in as my daily readings have been fairly static this week.

Ooh we’re pretty much level now (I’m 13s 1.5).

Quest bars are American I think, but I used to buy them on Amazon. I know you told me not to answer that. :smile:

Well planned out, twin.

Really enjoying the Huel shakes still, and feel slimmer. :dancing_women:‍♀ I actually look forward to having them. I liked the mocha flavour boost but I’ve also tried the peanut butter and chocolate ones and could barely taste them. They’re from the trial pack — could it be that 3g isn’t enough?

Not particularly sold on the bars, either. They useful and don’t taste bad, so maybe it’s a good way of ensuring I’m not tempted to eat more than one…

I still haven’t done a 100% Huel day but quite fancy doing it. It’s the savoury I miss. At least it’s knocked all chocolate cravings on the head. It had to be done - I think I was buying all the Dairy Milk Daim bars in the corner shop.

How are you getting on, @thetambert?