Witness me tediously track my weight loss here

Chocolate and Mocha boosts pack a great punch at about 6g IMO.

The bars, well I have to guiltily as it that I have now not had a bar I don’t like. Salted caramel starts off a bit “meh” but if you take your time and chew each bite carefully the tastes are there for your palate.

Coffee caramel, I’m ashamed to say I could just eat all day.

I find the bars a handy way to turn a 400 calorie meal into a 600 calorie meal with zero fuss. That way when I’m messing around with my intake each week I can just swap in/out a bar rather than get all awkward about thickness of shakes and numbers of scoops etc.


I’m good thanks. Today starts my third week at 100% Huel and I’ll do an official weigh in tomorrow. My next subscription batch arrives this coming week and will stock me up until the end of July. My husband is also doing 100% Huel and we have made a pact that any food or drink we want to buy before the end of July will have to come out of our “fun fund” rather than our usual food pot, so that should help to keep us on track.

So far, feeling pretty good. Digestion is regular, not had a poop attack since ten days ago, so that’s good. Energy levels started really good but we are now looking after a dog so things are slightly more disrupted. I don’t think it’s to do with Huel though, more sleep patterns.

And body wise, I’m not sure if I feel slimmer yet but def feel less bloated and know I’m heading in the right direction. Not been tempted to eat anything else so I guess that’s a really good sign. I know it took me a while to gain this weight so I can’t really expect huge changes for a while, sadly. Its frustrating to be trying to lose weight alongside my husband because he had already lost over half a stone and looks visibly slimmer. Urgh, men (sorry men. But your ability to drop weight much faster than us is very annoying).

What day do you do your official weigh in @Huella_Deville?

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There’s quite a few savoury recipes on here using the U/U to make a soup style meal… Worth a look?

Morning! I’ve seen those soups and they don’t appeal at all, I’m afraid. I think I miss savoury + chewing or crunch. But I will try a 100% Huel day at some point. I’m impressed you’ve done it for three weeks!

My weigh-in day is Wednesday.

Yeah I’m not sold on the idea either but some people swear by them!

Ha, well I am starting my third week, so technically I’ve only done 2 full ones. Day 18/19 of almost any eating plan tends to be where I come unravelled so let’s see how this week goes :joy:

Weigh in!
Starting weight: 13st 4lb
Current weight: 13st 0.4lb
Weight lost this week: 1.3lb
Weight lost overall: 3.7lb

Bit of a smaller loss than I was hoping for but surely this means next Sunday I’ll be under 13st?!

Well done! It’s still a loss though.

I ate maintenance calories yesterday as I had a terrible night’s sleep plus (it turns out) it’s that time of the month. I did eat Huel until lunch but it just wasn’t filling me up. Feel better today though and powering on. Scales are still in the 13-ones.

I just had a vanilla 3.0 Huel with the pumpkin spice FB - my favourite so far :yum:

Better to eat maintenance calories than go way over that!
Being tired always makes me want to eat more, as does time of the month, so together is a recipe for disaster.

I think I will try out some of the flavour boosts when I get through my RTD catalyst month(s), some of them sound amazing!

I walked four miles yesterday :woozy_face:

I’m settling into a routine of 75g Huel (300 cal) for breakfast, 100g (400 cal) for lunch, Huel bar (200 cal) as a snack and then calorie-counted dinner, which seems to be working well.

I am now seeing the 13s zeros on the scale, but I don’t think it’s likely I’ll nudge into the 12s for my official weigh-in on Wednesday. The difference in my waist is huge already though. I was so bloated, I’m already three inches down.


I just tried the salted caramel FB and it is sooo good.

So far I might buy pumpkin spice and this one.

:astonished: That’s amazing! It really is true what they say, your body can be changing shape and redistributing without the scale changing!

I am STILL hovering at 13st 1/8th of a pound! Been here for three days now… However, haven’t had a poop today so am assuming it’s all in my bowel. Maybe!

I used to walk loads (8 miles a day) and it made SUCH a difference to my weight loss. It is such a good way to get things moving!

Let me know how tomorrow goes!

Honestly, it was mainly bloat and water retention. I looked pregnant. :grimacing:

My weight dropped a couple of lb the day after weigh-in but has been more or less the same all week since then. Keep plodding on… I might do my first 100% Huel day today.

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Two words: Apple Cinnamon :yum::yum::yum::yum:

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A) apple cinnamon sounds amaaaaazing
B) weigh day! Good luck! I had a cheeky weigh in this morning and am finally in the 12s! Huzzah!

Mixed with vanilla it tastes like apple pie and ice cream.

Ah well done!

Beginning of 2020: 13s 9.5
Beginning of starting Huel/calorie counting: 13s 6.5
Week one: 13s 3 (-3.5lb)
Week two: 13s 1.75 (-1.25lb)
Total loss since starting Huel: -4.75lb
First goal: 12s 13.75 (ie under 13st :smile: )

It’s a slightly disappointing (but I’ll take it) 1.25lb off this week. This is why I weigh every day - it’s been lower than that all week, so I know it’s going in the right direction.

That’s still a decent loss for the week. Also, today you might just be retaining a bit of extra water, or need a poop or your ears cleaning out. It’s the same reason I weigh every day too! Well done on 1.25lb, that’s still a bag of sugar!

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Yes, I’m happy! If I lost 1.25lb every week I’d be at the lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life by early December.

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Well, today is weigh day and after a very good result yesterday (12st 2lb) I am back up to 13st today.

This is, I am assuming, because of the following:
We ordered pizza last night. This was my first non Huel meal in 21 days. I have to say, normally when we order pizza, we go BIG. A large or XL each, sides, icecream, and eat until we are physically so full we can’t move. Last night, the pizza was to celebrate moving into our house and we ordered one large between us (my husband is also trying to lose some weight). I ate three slices and put the other two from my half in the freezer for another time. I have worked out that with sauces and leaving some crusts, I probably ate 1000 kcal for that meal. The day also had 2 x RTD (800 kcal) and 2 x coffees with oat milk (130 kcal). Technically, this means I should have maintained since yesterday, but I know that having eaten gluten and high fat for the first time in so long, I am probably retaining water.
I also haven’t pooped yet today!

Not too worried about it as, for once, having a meal like this doesn’t look like it’s going to derail all my efforts (which is what usually happens). I ate in moderation, we only ordered one pizza, and I’m ready to go back on Huel 100% today. The aim is now that our next meal off plan will be for our wedding anniversary on the 27th July when we plan to eat from our favourite Japanese restaurant.

Feeling positive and like maybe, MAYBE this time I will be able to eat my favourite foods at some times now and not go off on a binging spiral for two weeks where I stuff myself silly every day because “I’ve already messed up, might as well mess up more”.



Is that a typo?! Or did you lose a limb? :rofl:

The pizza sounds amazing and you’re definitely allowed a meal off once in a while!

I’m not sure I’ll see a loss this week - I didn’t track for two days although I think I ate around maintenance (I had food from a restaurant that wasn’t calorie-counted but didn’t go nuts) and still have two Huel meals each day.

THIS! 1000x this!

For context, I’ve lost 30kg(ish) so far this year. For three months I was FANATICAL about sticking to a really rigid diet. I didn’t allow myself a single treat at all. I think this sort of ‘reset’ my attitude to food, and looking back that was probably necessary for me in my situation.

For the last couple of months I’ve allowed myself a few things that I wouldn’t have had - a couple of slices of bread is now ‘okay’, a few beers on a weekend, ‘cheese’ (vegan so it’s not really cheese!) on a Saturday night etc and…the rate that I’m losing weight has remained basically the same.

If you’re eating clean 80% of the time an occasional treat isn’t going to derail your progress and it’s SO important to allow yourself the pleasure of eating something you really enjoy. It looks like you’ve taught yourself to enjoy yourself sensibly/in moderation now - congratulations! :tada: