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I don’t see Huel products on ebay, but i do see many other meal re-placers and protein powders on ebay. You seem to be missing out there and letting the (more unhealthy) competition take the lead

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I will look into it but ebay doesn’t feel like the right place to sell Huel, what is the benefit? If someone is looking for Huel we are pretty easy to find.

What about potential customers who’ve never heard of Huel?
The only reason I found Huel is via a Facebook sponsored ad (I think…).

I imagine plenty of people will search “diet shake” in eBay and see what’s available.

I thought ebay was for buying second hand stuff? Who wants a second hand shake? :confused:

You might be right but I don’t feel it’s right to be listed as diet shake, nor listed along side the brands that are shown. Some of the which are poor quality, offer poor nutrition and make wild claims. Remember the old term “guilt by association”.

Diet shake was just an example of what I believe potential customers would most frequently search.

It could be listed under multiple other key words which are better fitting (Nutrition Shake, Future Food, All-in-One etc).

eBay is such a huge marketplace with possibly the highest volume of customers found online.

How about Amazon?

Remember, people list ‘Citroens For Sale’ on eBay.
That doesn’t put off the VW and Audi sellers just because a poor quality product is in the same marketplace! :wink:

Yes you are right it’s a big marketplace. I agree it could be listed under other keywords and we might do some day but it doesn’t feel right to be. Amazon might be more suitable, especially considering people who have prime prefer to buy nearly everything on Amazon. :smile:

Thank you for the suggestions.

To piggy-back on the Amazon suggestion, one of the great things Amazon offers is automatic regular purchases which I would definitely find helpful.

Knowing that my huel would just arrive at the same time every e.g. month would be very helpful, without me having to remember to order it as I get close to running out.

Of course, you might not need Amazon to do that, you could probably do it on your own shopping page.

Look, just put a few pouches on ebay, just the 100g ones or a half a week’s worth to start off with and then see. make the ads really flashy and with a link to the site.
Give it a go.

Many of the wholefoods that i buy and many of the nutritional supplements that i buy I buy from companies that i first saw selling stuff on ebay.

Ebay is an advertising portal more than an online auction.


OK, we will look into ebay.

Those are all resellers. I’m not aware of any company that sells meal replacement powders on eBay.

If you are concerned, then you can easily list some Huel on eBay.

Amazon has its own slurry of ethics issues. Tax dodging and poor treatment of warehouse workers. So it may well be another thing you don’t want to be associated with. Certainly LUSH decided that they did not want anything to do with Amazon.

Ebay is not exactly saintly, but it doesn’t tend to do anything half as questionable. Certainly it has the benefit of promoting reuse of existing products, although it does sell lots of new goods too.

Yes lots of new products on ebay but I’m never which are fakes and which are not.