100 percent Huel off we go


I always weigh myself first thing in the morning, after I have been to the loo and before I get dressed.


Still going strong even if not updating regularly.
Weight: 60.3kg

Breakfast 100g Huel in 500ml water
Lunch 100g Huel in 500ml water
Early evening 100g Huel in 500ml water
Later evening 100g Huel in 500ml water

2.5 litres water
2 x black coffee
3 x tea
1 sugar free redbull
5km jog
60 minutes zumba



How’s the journey going mentally? Any cravings or things you miss? Are you getting tired of the flavour or are you using boosts?


Huel itself I am doing fine. I don’t need flavour boosts; I enjoy the Huel meals as they are. Occasionally I will add some coffee or cacao.

Cravings, yes occasionally. I think others have mentioned it, but the need to chew something is sometimes a biggie and I have taken to chewing gum occasionally and it really helps when doing a physical activity like jogging. Also salty snacks are sometimes craved for, I like crisps for example. I can’t do 100% Huel over Christmas as temptations will be too much.


Wondering what is better, some fruit or huel.


Some Huel for sure. Ypu can add some fruit to Huel, but don’t really need to. You could add Huel to fruit but don’t really need to. Huel is all you need,


A yes, should clarify. My diet is
Huel as breakfast
Snack apple / banana
Huel as lunch
Snack apple / banana
Home cooked dinner
Protein shake when going to the gym so wondering if I am better off swapping the fruit for huel or tuna / protein shake to support weight loss. Now I feel that I have a dip in energy at 10;00 and 15:00


Merry Christmas, that’s my 100% Huel project over.

Finishing weight 60.1 kg.

I didn’t post every day because I soon realised how incredibly tedious it is reading those types of posts every day and I am not self absorbed enough to do so.

Vegan Christmas dinner today, and no Huel at all. Probably a few days of Christmas treats and then back on it in the New Year.


Any take aways messages from the project?


Or are you back on the take aways? and are you still single? Or did you find someone during the project?..


i was just about to make a takeaway joke, but see you got there first.

@Huel Guess the take away message is stick with it. The first few days or so can be hard, and you do still get cravings (well I still did, though some say not). For me its quite easy to be disciplined most of the time, but there are certain times of the month where things like chocolate are very tempting.

Yes I am still single; Santa didn’t pass by.


The harm is not that great if you take some chocolate, to get those endorphins going :yum:

You want to date Santa? He is a little bit on the mature side don’t you think?


Another question, as you are at 100% huel do you supliment creatine?