I bought it, I liked it. :man_shrugging:t2: tastes about the same as the regular vanilla RTD to me (I bought vanilla flavour). I would also be excited by more flavours.

These are fascinating points here so I appreciate you sharing these!

It seems from feedback that it would just be the case of making the product and marketing clearer. In the body of the product page we do mention the key call outs for the BE RTD, would you say that this needs to be more prominent and stand out more?

Sorry I mean the product itself :slight_smile: While not in stores yet, I imagine they will be, and currently it’s confusing/unclear for people to know what the purpose of the Black RTD is compared to regular, unless they’re already a knowledgable Huel customer, or they get out their phone to check the Huel website – unlikely.

  • BE Powder and BE RTD’s website product pages are perfect. Clearly states product purpose and what separates it from regular Powder/RTD immediately.
  • On the Black RTD bottle, people have to spot-the-difference and use guesswork to figure out the point of the product’s differentiation to regular, and who the intended target audience is, both of which fundamental to product success. Regular and Black are complete high protein meals. With multiple flavours of each too, that’s more confusion and choice, leading to some people going with another brand for simplicity.
  • Currently, at the top of the back of both regular and Black RTD, it says the same thing: “Nutritionally complete drink with natural flavourings and natural sweetener”, (with the exception of repeating the word “natural” on Black RTD), adding to confusion of what the difference is. The majority of this sentence is not typically cared about by the target audience of Black RTD, especially not cared about as much as having more protein and less carbs which is the core selling point, and is a missed opportunity to clarify the product’s purpose with terms that attract the target audience.


  • Change the wording at the top back from “Nutritionally complete drink with natural flavourings and natural sweetener”, to “Black Edition: Nutritionally complete drink with more protein and less carbs” or similar.
  • (Already says naturally flavoured and sweetened on the middle right back section, so seems illogical to repeat this minor, less-cared-about element in the most visible, primary space at the top, when the product’s purpose and target audience terms currently missing could be there instead.)

The other points were just regarding the glitchy, clipart-like abstract design at the top not matching the rest of the sleek premium look IMO, and the “Chocolate” text being italic at the front top on Black RTD for some reason. Hope that helps!

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Wow I actually prefer the Black Edition of Chocolate RTD! Definitely a bigger difference between Black and regular Choc RTD, than the difference between the 2 vanilla RTDs.

Just cracked open a Chocolate Black RTD and regular Choc RTD to compare. Black is a little thicker, still very flavoursome, but a different richness compared to regular. There’s something about the taste of Black Choc RTD that’s missing from regular, and whatever it is, it’s a good thing. I like regular choc, but it can be slightly sickly. Not finding that at all with Black. Enjoyable, still extremely smooth, with an aftertaste not as strong/poignant as regular which I find perfect. Could down a whole Black Choc RTD easily, whereas not so with regular.

If you find regular choc RTD too strong/sickly, you may prefer the Black Edition. Now I’m really full from consuming 2 RTDs at once :rofl:

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Awesome thanks for update. Yeah something about the regular RTD choc I never really vibed with always considered it my least fave out of all so looking forward to trying black one!

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So I received a very lovely box from Huel with four bottles in it. I’m not a big RTD buyer, the odd bottle here and there, but I do consume about 2200 calories of Black a day, and 600 of H&S.

I very much liked the thickness/weight, and they filled me up much more than the white RTDs which have never left me satisfied, even when having two.

It’s a nice product, and pretty good value for money, but with the amount I consume, I’ll stick to my powders.

I agree from a design aspect with previously raised points.

Overall, I’m keeping a keen eye on the Black powders and the inevitable reformulation. I don’t see these Black RTDs entering into my diet, despite the pretty box I got!

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Will try it but I don’t think I need it.

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Just trying my first one. It’s ok. But for some reason I find the flavour to be a bit odd. It does taste a bit more chocolatey than standard rtd. But there are some other flavours in there competing with the chocolate that don’t quite balance/work for me.
I don’t dislike it but also don’t like it anywhere as much as RTD salted caramel and Strawbs + cream.
I love Black edition powder chocolate flavour. That tastes completely right to me. So I’m not sure why rtd doesn’t match.
Anyway- my 2p worth.

the added coconut milk powder in the RTD perhaps?

Could well be… hard to tell. But not a satisfying chocolate experience for me, unlike black powder.

And a really weird aftertaste… still therea few minutes later. Tastes a bit chemical-odd.
Hmm. Don’t think I’ll buy again when finished the box.

Yeah, I don’t like the Vanilla Black RTD, tastes artificial, took me some time to drink it all, and on the other hand chocolate black RTD took me a few minutes. The normal Vanilla RTD is way better. Wouldn’t be buying again the Vanilla black RTD.

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My wife likes the new black chocolate rtd. So will be ordering some…
I don’t however.

I thought nutrition was first, not taste? On the other hand the formula is not better. Regarding the ingredients recent innovations seemed to be downgrades unfortunately.


Do you need a hug, @mbs ? :upside_down_face::heart:

What on earth do you mean by clipart thing? Jeezo lol

No, I don’t. Why?

No reason :no_mouth: definitely not that I thought you sounded a bit negative and could use a little cheering up :blush::grimacing:

Just mean the design at the top of the RTD bottles feels cheapy, low quality and uninspiring to me. Looks like something someone in school learning to use a computer in the early 2000s made from playing with some abstract cartoony clip art in Microsoft Paint, randomly pasting things and stretching them, while parts are glitchy/faded/broken too.

Especially the Black Edition – the BE bottles look so sleek and premium, but the top part detracts from it. There’s definitely an opportunity to make this look much better. More attractive, modern and luxurious. Like chocolate for example, having shots of liquid chocolate or 3D renders of chocolate melting – more smooth, relatable and professional. Like a style mix of the new Huel bar marketing and the Daily Greens design.

The designs for Daily Greens and Superblend are the best-looking across Huel products IMO (except for the low res images used making them blurry), as they’re simple, elegant, relatable, understandable and premium.