Chunky monkey

So here i am , im new to the product and the whole world of huel , im determined and ready for changes , im 57 disabled wheelchair user and have limited activity within my day , junk in the trunk has been a friend but is now the enemy , ive read so much about huel and its results so decided to try as a nutritional weightloss program as part of my days intakes .
My current weight is 26stone and have put myself on a strict 1750 calorie daily intake

I welcome all comments to help me succeed in the road ahead.
Takecare D

Hello Darren - and welcome. there’s a ton of useful posts and guides that will help you along your way here.

Hi Dazza, hope you’ll enjoy the journey - feeling good along the way is the most important thing I reckon. Bon voyage!

Hey Dazza! Welcome to the forum, great to have you here and that you have taken that all important step to jump in.

I’ve written a load of information here, with some more specific links on our site, so you don’t have to wade through the heap of articles we have!

I hope it’s helpful!

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