For italian speakers: the beginning of my Huel adventure

Hi all italians here. :slight_smile: As you may know, I’m into Huel since 4 weeks and already loving it.

I’ve created a Medium and wrote an article to explain my friends and social friends the secret I kept from them in the last weeks. My Huel coming out. :grin: Maybe I’ll write more in the future.

It’s in italian, so sorry for the others. :slight_smile:


I’m italian too and today I received the Huel pack with the t-shirt, the powder and other things.
I’m a bit disgusted because it seems like the powder is not melting in the water, so when I drink Huel it feels like drinking water with powder inside lol.
I’ve added around 500ml of water and 3 “portions” of Huel, then I shaked for around 2-3 minutes. Now I have put the liquid in fridge, maybe cold will be better :confused:

I don’t know, it has always a bit of powdery texture, it’s not completely water soluble. But it doesn’t bother me, it’s a bit rough but I still like it. I’ve heard that with a blender is better, though.