Hello from Milano! :) - My journey diary

Hey Anja, yes, tried both with powdered ginger and with ginger herbal tea. It’s good! :slight_smile:

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Yesterday I had my “Huel baptism of fire”! Had my usual Huel 100gr dinner at 7pm, then back to work for a big event I had to manage that lasted till midnight. Of course at the end I was tired, but during it I felt energetic and in control. So Huel passed this test too! :star_struck: :smiley:


After some days of stationary or slightly increase, my weight is dropping again! I’m now 72.7 Kg, lost 5 Kg since the beginning.
After the usual initial rush and water loss, last two weeks were at a constant - 0.5/0.6 rate, which is good. My final target is 68/70 Kg, then I’ll figure out how to keep it and, if my back will allow me, how to exercise a bit more. :slight_smile: Let’s see what the osteopath has to say.


My Huel journey continues and it still great! I’ve recently started the new batch of New Vanilla received with the first subscription, and it’s great as always.
I’m well set up with herbal teas as “flavor boosts”, they work fine. Today I’ve tried with a blueberry aroma I bought on Amazon, but the result was bad. I had to use a lot of aroma (expensive!) and the taste was still not good enough. Tomorrow I’ll try with a mandarin aroma, but I think it won’t be different. Huel, please make smaller flavor boost bags, they are great! Or I will eventually buy pineapple/coconut and go with that until I turn from loving it to hate. :smiley:

Weight loss continues at a slower, more fitting rate. I had to stop doing excercises because of a problem with my back and shoulders, and I have to see an osteopath before restarting.
So far, so good!

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Oh my god. Today I’ve tried blending a banana in Huel for the first time (why didn’t I try before?). It’s a completely new experience. It’s like drinking a smoothie but with all the Huel charge. Totally awesome.
Can’t wait trying other fruit! :heart_eyes:

I’ve also bought some other treats to experiment, like a pineapple and coconut fruit juice, and some syrups. Love huelexperimenting!


Ciao Salvatore, per ora io mangio Granola alla mattina e Huel una volta al giorno (di solito la sera, a volte a pranzo). Se vuoi sapere come e perché ho iniziato, qua c’è un mio articolo! :slight_smile: Scrivimi pure in privato se hai altre domande in italiano. :slight_smile:

Today my local online supermarket brought me some new stuff for my Huelxperiments! :smiley:


I’ve got a Pineapple and Coconut fruit juice, 4 syrups (orange, black cherry, lemon, mint), some seedless grapes, raspberries and a melon to blend. :slight_smile:

Lot of things to have fun!


After some stationary days, I’ve started loosing weight again and reached my second target of 72Kg. Probably in the next days I will dance over that line, but hey anything is a good reason to celebrate! :joy:

5Kgs lost in a month and a half, without being so much hungry, without being 100% Huel or doing fasting and so on, it’s not bad at all. :slight_smile:


Have you used the melon yet? I’m not sure I would blend it in with huel to be honest. I would recommend making a small batch to try before throwing the whole thing in. My feeling is it would be stomach churning. Do let us know how it goes, I’m fascinated. I usually flavour my huel with frozen berries if I want a fruit style huel.


I’m not used to do small test batches, I usually go “all in” :smiley: I had already planned to try melon in my Huel dinner tonight, so I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

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Blended melon ready for a shake. Tonight I will decide if it’s worthwhile. :slight_smile:


@Wendy_Shepherd ok I’ve just tried it! It’s good, almost as good as with blended banana :slight_smile: It’s very refreshing, perfect for these super hot days. :slight_smile:
If you like melon, give it a try!

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How much fruit are you putting in each time?

I seem to remember you were doing 500ml water to 100g Huel, so does the amount of fruit change the amount of water?

I’m really bad at measuring things. I just add a bit of water, like 100ml, and then some fruit so that the immersion blender can have enough liquid. Pretty much that, sorry. :slight_smile:

My supermarket gave me this soy drink for free with last order, to test. I’m glad it was free, because I tested it with Granola this morning and it’s like eating Granola with pure water. :joy:


It might be healthy, but it goes directly into the sink. I won’t spend 2.74€ per liter for this “homeopatic milk”. :smiley:

I’ll stick with milk and fruit juices. :slight_smile:

Did you shake it before pouring? If it’s super natural it may have separated the way home made almond milk does.

Yeah, I did. It’s not the first time I try such products, always the same result. It’s like drinkng water with a little flavour added. I need strong flavour and texture, like milk or juices, which are great and also way cheaper. I can buy a juice for less than 1€ per liter, a third of that kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

That’s disappointing, but I suppose the bottle isn’t labelled soya milk as such. Must have been grim on granola. Yuk.

Yes it was really bad :smiley: But I’ve finished it, didn’t want to throw 50gr of good Granola away. :slight_smile:
These products aren’t labelled as “milk” because is now illegal to do that, I don’t know if it’s an italian or EU law, it was made to protect customers from confusion between diary products and other drinks.
I tried rice “milk” before and it was far better than this, but I still don’t see the point of spending 3€ per liter, when I already get everything I need from Granola and juice tastes a lot better. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I found out that it’s not so bad if you drink it as it is and not as a base for Huel or cereals. So I will use it as a drink, it’s always a pity to throw away food even if we do not get excited about it. :slight_smile: