Full life only with Huel?

Good morning!

I’ve been thinking and thinking for a while… and somehow I came across Huel! I must admit that I would like to try it - however, I have some questions.

I am curious as to how much, as a 21 year old boy, I need to rely solely on Huel meals. Could I ask for help from someone who is knowledgeable about this and knows what the answer is? Of course additional information about me - 179 cm, 68 kg. I would also like to gain weight - I need about 2500 calories : - )

Is it at all possible? Of course I want my body to receive everything it needs to function properly. Are we talking about quite significant amounts of money on the basis of Huel? Or does anyone already live this way (and doesn’t care about weight loss)?

Thank you immensely for your help! It’s very important to me… maybe it will bring some variety to my life? Thank you again and feel free to join the conversation! : - )

You’ll find a lot of info about this on these forums and on the r/huel and r/soylent subreddits.

Many of us use Huel for 100% of our calories. It works, we’re still alive.

You can save some money by only consuming 2000kcal/day of Huel + 500kcal/day of canola (rapeseed) oil or some other oil of your preference (many like extra virgin olive oil).


Hello Jakub, as Rikefejut mentioned, there are a lot of information on existing threads and on the Huel guides and articles sections - such as this one.

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