Help carry one scoop?

So after 10 days with Huel, of all types, it’s mostly going well.

I’m trying it to help with weight loss, so it’s something I can maintain.

Big test this week, as instead of working from home where I can make up huel as and when I like. I’m travelling a lot.

First day was ok, 2 scoops for breakfast with 100g blueberries, yum. 3 scoops with coconut and pineapple flavour pack.

Ok until on the way home when I could have eaten anything…so hungry. Ended up snacking. :frowning:

Day 2, similar. But even worse as a later finish.

So what I’d like to be able to is carry easily a single or double scoop of huel in a backpack to be able to make something up to get me home as it were.

Do you carry huel other than made up or in the shaker ready to make up and how do you transport it?

TLDR Version.
Looking for reccomendations on pots to carry 1/2/3 scoops of huel.

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My first post on this forum but something similar for me.

I travel quite a bit for work and have been using Huel for only a week now.

I use a small clear plastic grocery bag (the type you get at vegetable aisles in supermarkets). In the mornings I put 3 scoops of Huel and the scooper in the bag, press the air out and tie the top. I add a little extra in to counter the faff of getting every last drop out the bag. Then, when out and about I will buy a bottle of water for my afternoon Huel. If I dont have time in the mornings to drink my huel Ill just add 6 scoops.

This works for me but hopefully gives you an idea.

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Honestly, your best bet is training yourself with discipline to get yourself home without a snack. It’s an essential part of any weight loss journey.

However, to answer the question, these aren’t too shabby:



I tend to carry it around in a cooler bottle ready made up just in case, I also buy the bars for that type of occasion too. Maybe a bottle of water in the car with huel in small tubs ready to make in the mean time? Or, do you have a big flask you can make it up in and carry around?

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That’s what I do for my Lunch, but this is for a late finish. Bottles of water are easy to get, I’m travelling by tube/train, so it’s not as easy as leaving it in the car :slight_smile: I could do huel bars. But I quite like the shakes as I don’t feel hungry on them.

PS It’s the small tubs that I’m after, but they need to be rucksack and public transport proof :-):grinning:

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I’m not sure if you realise this, but that’s’ not really helpful in anyway. I hadn’t realised I was overweight just because I lacked discipline. Wow, I’ll just go and get me a pot of that and be slim in no time.

How exactly does one get disclipline after 10 days? Plus If I’m going to get diet advice from you, any chance of letting me know what qualifications you have?

I’m at half my usual calories. So I’ve got plenty of “spare” calories. What I want is to simply have what I usually have at home, which is a 1 scoop of huel, to tide me over to a healthy evening meal. Rather than going to get a snack, which is likely to be 300-400 calories. Instead a 154 with one scoop of huel. As it was I enjoyed a bag of unsalted mixed nuts and fruits, but it’s 402 calories instead of 154…

I’ve tried 3 scoops at breakfast and 3 at lunch. However I find I’m fine on 2/2, with a couple of 1/1 later in the day.

I’m going on what works for me.

Thanks for the recommendations on the pots.

Cheers, I had thought about that, but was concerned over the chance of it popping and going everywhere.

There is a risk which is why I double bag :slight_smile: Last thing I need is a laptop bag full of oaty powder lol.

What you can do is if you do not plan on using your shaker first thing in the morning, you can put the bag in the shaker. So for example, this morning I was actually going into the office. So, before I left home I put 6 scoops (breakfast and lunch) into the bag and then put the bag in the shaker. That way, the bag is safe in the shaker.

Just an idea, try a few bits and see what works.

I personally have seen my weight yoyo for the past 10 years so completely cutting out solid food until the evening is a struggle. I also carry a water bottle with me where I can which I drink from if I start to feel ‘Hungry’. I find this tides me over until either my next huel or till my evening meal.

Good luck!

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I already have the 2 scoops in the shaker for lunch. so adding one baggie seems safe and I can put it back in there once done.

Yeah laptop full of huel doesn’t appeal to me either!

thanks for the thoughts. So far 10lbs down, and not (aside from the last 2 days in london) feeling hungry, so I feel it’s sustainable.

How about those small sandwich bags that have a zip seal? That might work :slight_smile: I love the huel bars, def worth keeping a couple in the car :smiley:

Huel bar vs One scoop shake, which would fill you up and keep you from being hungry longer?


The bar. The bar


The bar :smiley:

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Yeah, I appreciate that, but it’s something no one else can help you with. That’s what I’m getting at, wasn’t meant to be patronising in any way. My family members often come up with excuses for not losing weight like “I’m good all week but I have a little fun at the weekend… Is that really so bad?”, same thing again, just the discipline.

Not going to pretend I have any qualifications, but I know a fair bit after pursuing a similar journey a few years ago after reaching the end of my tether… It’s not a huge transformation, but I guess it did the trick and I learnt a few things. One of them was discipline, I guess.

Not exactly a qualification, but here’s my 1 year (ish) before and after…


I look a lot different now (better I guess) but perhaps that’s to be saved for a progress post rather than hijack this…

Sorry if what I said up there came across patronising and arrogant, I didn’t mean it that way, I know the struggle with discipline now and still suffer myself when walking past chocolate fudge cakes etc in shops, it sucks, it’s hard coded in some I guess :confused:


At least you’re still smiling.


Cheers for the response. For me my disclipline is rock solid when I’m not hungry :slight_smile:
Although the walk past the cornish pasty shop in Victoria was hard! Didn’t realise how much I miss smells with Huel.

I’ve done a reasonable amount of research, which is why I’m tracking 7 days a week, it’s no good being 500 under monday to friday if you’re 2.5k over Saturday and Sunday.

It’s also one of the reasons I’m eating 1 scoop 5 times a day, rather than 3 x 3 or something similar.


I read a tip somewhere years ago (I think is was from Paul McKenna). It was something like: you imagine the food you want to snack on is covered in something you don’t want to eat, like hair/vomit/dog poop etc., then imagine what it would taste and feel like to eat it. That should (ha!) put you off…
I haven’t tried it (which is probably one of the contributing factors to me still being a lardarse…) but it may be worth a try? :drooling_face:


To further hijack this thread… I used to be on the larger side, about the same as you by the looks, but I have a narrower/ecto build. 6 inch wrists ftw!!!

I then flipped the other way with an eating disorder, I’ve had a rather unhealthy relationship with food all in all, it’s taken time, a lot of work, self education but I’m getting there, in fact if I’d not gone though what I have I’d wouldn’t be where I am now working towards other goals, such as coaching/consulting etc, but anyway this is my “before and after” if you like.

Not to mention battling with testosterone/hormonal issues too.

Since the after photo, I’m actually about 5lbs higher in lbm too.

I guess what I’m trying to say to the op is it’ll happen, you’ll reach that goal, just gotta keep at it, keep learning and keep growing! (or shrinking, but whatever im being facetious ;))

Oh and @GTIPuG 100% cocoa chocolate is awesome if you’ve got the urge! Fun fact cocoa is beneficial in regards to myostatin… Look into it.

And to the very original question, wilkos sell these little plastic pots at a £1 for 4. Cheap but will work well for exactly what you want.

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Phew big kudos, looking fantastic man. That’s a phenomenal change!

Haha, thanks! Right back at you though, you’ve also made some massive positive changes by the looks!

We’re basically being the perfect poster guys for Huel aren’t we…?