Hot Huel

When you say curry, I’m presuming you mean curry powder, but is there a specific type that works best? There are many in the world of curry!

I appreciate it’s to taste but I love the sound of this so much I want to get it right - having this as an evening meal would certainly help with evening meal cravings I imagine!!

Is the last 100ml hot or cold?

Yes that is correct it’s curry powder.

Depends on how hot you want it. Tim in the office made it, I think it was cold water, very hot water in small spaces (ie. a shaker) can explode.


Finally got around to trying this just now and it is amazing!!

Will have to try a little less curry powder and a little more tabasco in the next attempt, but I have to say it’s not only delicious but I feel so full and satisfied I should be good all evening! :smile:


Just noticed this thread.

I’ve actually recently switched to having my lunchtime Huel hot. I add near boiling water to 100g, mix it into a thick paste then give it a quick blast in the microwave. It ends up like a thick porridge essentially. I love it, and do feel like it is more satisfying (particularly during Winter perhaps) than a shake.

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We’re talking U/U here I guess?

Will this work with vanilla flavoured Huel? That is, does the taste override the vanilla and sweetener?

We used U&U. But I think it would probably be ok with vanilla, it would just a bit sweeter. Some curries are sweet, e.g. Korma, Kashmir, etc.


I’ll give it a shot.

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Vanilla worked just fine. This was really good.

Caveat: I’m not particularly particular.

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Did you just have it hot “as is”? Just had mine like that for lunch. I also like adding cinnamon.

I used this recipe.

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Been looking for a savoury recipe for a little while.
That was different… Not unpleasant, just… different… Took a while to get through it, but I’ll try it again - however made with ‘pure’ vanilla flavour as opposed to half and half with UU as I think it needs to be a little sweet.
need to also experiment with other flavourings - maybe a chicken OXO cube; might work well with peanut butter :slight_smile:

Had hot curry Huel today, for the first time in a couple months. Just thought I’d remind everybody that it’s really good.


Just a warning to anyone else that has as little common sense as I do:

DO NOT seal boiling water/freshly boiled water inside a shaker and proceed to shake. Brain wasn’t obviously working at the time, but I decided to try mixing Huel with boiling water. I sealed the shaker, proceeded to shake and the shaker exploded - which resulted in scalding burns over my hands and hot water/Huel everywhere. Silly me.

Oh dear! Hope you’ve healed

I think everyone makes this mistake once in their life! Only once though. Lesson learnt pretty quick.

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This sounds great, I’m also thinking of trying a new recipe with sofrito. I love spanish food and I think this will provide me with that satisfaction.

I have not tried the recipe yet, but it will consist of a blend with bell pepers, onions, tomato, cilantro, (optional spices) and vegetable stock. I’ll keep everyone updated as soon as I produce the recipe, but if you’re familiar in the kitchen by all means lets try something new.

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Tried a korma huel soup this evening. Not perfect but very edible.
Blend half a stock cube with 300ml hot water and a tablespoon of korma sauce. Add in veggies for texture. I added some frozen peas and spinach that I had defrosted and part cooked in the microwave. Transfer to a saucepan and heat gently. Taste and adjust seasonings to taste. I used a low salt stock cube and decided to add some salt. You could use fresh veggies. Or you could part cook the frozen veg by cooking in a saucepan with boiling water, then drain and add the korma huel mix. Diced carrot and/or potato, finely chopped cauliflower or broccoli would also be good. Now I’ve got my bag of UU and the colder weather has arrived I plan on doing a few experiments like this. Pad Thai Huel soup is on the cards for tomorrow. Hopefully this will stop me eating crisps and spicy nuts to satisfy my savoury cravings. If anyone else tries this recipe I’d love to get some feedback.

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Got this sorted to make very easily at work when I want something hot. Put 3 scoops in a bowl, add some just boiled water and mix to a thick paste, then stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Give it another stir and eat.

Dead easy and is a bit like porridge. Add a bit of chocolate flavor or syrup to taste if you get bored.

BTW been using Huel for 15 months now, has defiantly helped with my IBS, cheers.