How do you flavour your Huel?


Vegemite Huel is pretty rank and I thought vegemite was impossible to go wrong.

I was wondering if anyone had tried the flavour sachets from ramen noodles (a-la orange is the new black)?

Mixing Huel with cottage cheese

Could be interesting!


@Inky I completely missed that you had tried Marmite! I thought you were making a reference to the “Love it or you Hate it” Marmite slogan! Saltiness overpowering. How much would you say you used?


@TimOfficeHuel I tried it again this morning with breakfast. I put about 1/2 of a tsp in with 130g of Huel. This time it is less salty but also marmite-y. I would definitely put more in next time. As always with Marmite I find that I have to discover the ‘sweet spot’, where there is enough of the nice marmite taste but not too much salt.


Has anyone tried Bacon salt? Bacon flavouring! We get so many people on Facebook saying they prefer eating meat etc. Would be amazing if we could develop a bacon flavouring that actually tasted good!


I tried Huel with food flavourings available in the baking aisles of most supermarkets. Guys, stick with the flavoured packets sold by Huel. I threw an entire bottle of strawberry food flavouring into this morning’s mix and it did naff all.


UU huel with banana and peanut butter makes for a weird yet delicious savory banana experience!!


Yesterday I tried adding pickle juice. I really like pickles so I thought this might be a good idea. I was wrong.


Sounds revolting! Brave move trying that.


OMFG is all I will say :wink:


I really like a handful of almonds (about 10) in the blend. I blend them up in a little water first and then ad the Huel. I’ve tried and liked walnuts in the same way. I’ve also tried a pinch of cinnamon with both of them and that’s added a nice flavour too.


Tonight I found a bottle of apple pie monin syrup when I was out, just put that with vanilla Huel and some cinnamon, it’s beautiful


I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before but I’m sure many of you have tried different milks and waters: Cow’s, Soy, Rice, Oat, Almond, VitaCoco, Flax, Cashew, Hazelnut, Hemp. There are probably plenty more I’m missing, who knew you could milk these things?!

What do you like? I personally stick with water but I know you innovators like to mix it up!


I was having mine with rice milk over the weekend. It did make a big difference, really nice!


I like 250ml almond 250ml water and 100g vanilla Huel. I find that if I drink it straight away the taste is bitter, but leave it overnight in the fridge and it is delicious…and eaten later at room temp tastes a little like ready brek.

Tried one mean today with 1 tsp raw cacoa powder added and that was lovely.

If it helps I always blend in a Vitamix not the shaker.


I have just ordered some of these in raspberry, white chocolate and toffee flavours. This morning I tried some of the white chocolate drops with my vanilla but it was far too sweet. I’ll update further when I try it with my U/U mix.

EDIT: Flavouring U/U with flavdrops is a WINNER! I add 10 drops to 600ml of Huel and it’s amazing! Toffee has a nice oaty ‘baked’ taste (like toffee pudding) and raspberry tastes like a milkshake. Definitely recommend these!

Combinations I’ve tried in the past include:

  • Banana and peanut butter

  • Frozen berries and cinnamon

  • Coffee and cacao powder

In terms of milks, I occasionally mix with coconut milk or any of the nut-based milks.



I am on second batch of huel and have been experimenting with unflavour/unsweetened. I have just tried with the below cup soup, it worked very well. Made cup soup w/ 400ml water and mixed with 150ml cold water, this is to stop it going so gloopy by being too hot. I then added 3 scoops of U/U huel and shook! I also found it felt more filling and that the ‘aromatic thai spices’ helped overpower the flavours which was good.


So much love for this! Wow, what a great idea! Huel Thai broth. I wonder if we could create a flavour system like this…


Please try :slight_smile: It’d be amazing to have an easy savoury option that wasn’t full of salt and additives (which I know you guys wouldn’t go for!). Or: offering a low-salt Huel designed for use with an appropriately salted savoury flavour system?


I drink mine mostly with milk (semi or whole) and occasionally a BIG spoon of natural yoghurt and for flavour I use standard Nesquik.