How do you flavour your Huel?


Can’t believe I haven’t tried this before: Apple!

Unflavoured Huel, 1 apple (roughly diced), 10(ish) frozen blueberries, half teaspoon of nutmeg - blend!

Texture is interesting, there’s some little apple bits to chew, but flavour is awesome, really…fresh? Clean? Lovely not artificial sweetness. I may add a little lemon juice next time, tart flavours seem to work well (raspberries, blueberries, crisp apple).

Does anyone on the Huel team know if acids like lemon juice will cause any issues (e.g. curdling)?


Now adding chia seeds (5g) and maca powder (5g) to my morning mix and evening mix. Leave in the fridge and they thicken up really well even with 600ml of water.


small handful of chopped dates cardamon and nutmeg un UU - subtly sweet with some chai spices


For breakfast I just add a double espresso made via my ROK espresso maker. Lovely.

For lunches, I add a combination of some frozen mixed berries, a banana or half an avocado. Makes it much thicker, like a smoothie.


Breakfast I add a yoghurt product. For the other meals I’m adding strawberry ON protein powder.


Id really like a flavour pouch that tasted like myprotein’s cinnamon Danish whey protein but obviously not as a protein powder and soy free >.<


Don’t think you would have any problems with curdling. In terms of nutrition there are no issues to be concerned about when adding lemon juice to Huel. The nutrients will remain intact.

@Rhiannonny Cinnamon Danish flavour sounds incredible. Does it really taste like a Cinnamon Danish?!


@TimOfficeHuel it actually does! It’s so lovely with Huel too :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing around lately, still haven’t got around to savoury flavours (maybe this afternoon!) and nothing super weird or innovative, but these work well for me. They do all require a blender - I’ve got a pretty hefty stick blender which makes short work of frozen fruits, so I mostly use that.

There are of course nutrition implications of these additions. I’m not going to claim the proportions work for anybody else, I’m just sharing my ideas for others to try.


Three scoops of U/U Huel
One generous handful of frozen sweet pitted cherries
500ml water
Sweetening to taste

When I ran out of frozen cherries I tried cherry cordial. That works too.

Adding a tablespoon of Nutella is rather lovely, as is using raspberries instead of cherries. Actually I think most frozen berries would work. Slightly dubious about strawberries though, I’m not sure they’re strong enough in flavour.


Three scoops of U/U Huel
One tablespoon chopped fresh ginger
400ml water
Sweetening to taste

I keep frozen chopped ginger in the freezer, so this is really convenient. One time I made it with a shake of ground mace as well, which really amped up the flavour. Cinnamon, nutmeg etc. all go well with ginger too.

Breakfast Thickie

Three scoops of U/U Huel
Two bananas
One tablespoon of honey
One teaspoon chopped fresh ginger
One pint (ish) of milk

Gloopy, spicy, smooth and wonderful. I just came up with this one and it’s disappearing very quickly between sentences.


Three scoops of U/U Huel
One generous tablespooon of Nutella
One tablespoon of cocoa powder
Sweetening to taste
400ml water, or milk


Wow, great work! Thank you for the detailed recipes, really useful for all of us!

Cherry and chocolate, got to be a winner, must try this. Love the ginger ideas and the Breakfast Thickie sounds intense. That must have kept you filled up for the week?!

Top work, keep it up!


Yes three scoops plus bananas is pretty filling! Only for when you’re really hungry. The thick texture from blending in bananas is very satisfying.


Currently (Vanilla Huel)

Breakfast: Huel with Chia Seed (5g) and Maca Powder (5g), water
Lunch: Huel with Hemp Seed (5g), water
Dinner: Huel with Chia Seed (10g), water
Post exercise or just coz I fancy it: Huel, water

All shaken like it’s going out of fashion and then in the fridge for next day use. I used to blend but have incorporated the shaking as a wee bit of additional exercise - I shake each one vigorously for a minute. Burning arms!

The Hemp Seed addition is new and adds a real nutty flavour. Very pleasant.

Occassional adds:

‘Flavdrops’ - toffee, peanut butter are very good. Depends what son has ordered from his protein provider.

Adding cooled infused green tea…very cleansing…

Grated ginger
Squeezed lemon that has been in boiling water and allowed to cool
Coconut water instead of water
Almond milk instead of water
Coconut and almond milk instead of water

There really is no limit to the combinations and it’s all thanks to this forum. And of course Huel itself.

I’m really not missing solid food at all!


A couple of “From the store cupboard” recipes for you below. Am trying to use up what I have in the cupboards rather than going to a health food shop and buying expensive ingredients …

Just tried gazpacho (served cold and about 480 calories)…blend the following:

2 scoops unflavoured huel
1 Heinz cup a soup with chilli kick
1 tbsp concentrated tomato paste
1 tsp chilli sauce
500 ml very cold water (or water and ice)

Then pour into a bowl and add diced fresh cucumber, coriander, red onion and tomato on top to taste.

Enjoyed as a soup, using a bowl, and so made me feel a bit normal. Was almost like being on holiday!! Still a bit of a chalky after taste/texture but the crunch of the veg helps distract from that. Not sure how much of a difference the cup a soup made,so will try again soon just using tomato purée and perhaps fresh chillies and peppers and report back the recipe.

For the choc orange fans…blend the following (approx 510 calories):

100g vanilla huel
3 tsp cocoa powder
1tsp valencian orange extract
500 ml cold water

It was good but there was a slight oily taste from the Orange extract. May add a little cinnamon another time to see if that masks the oiliness. Should get quick a Christmassy drink…

Also from the pantry over the next week or so:

  • Harrissa paste and huel warm soup
  • vegetable bouillon (might try hot as a soup)
  • cocoa and caramel flavour drops (usually for baking)
  • cocoa and peppermint flavour (using for ice cream)

Watch this space…


I second using a Heinz cup a soup with aromatic thai spices with huel. It was delicious! I mixed 76g of unsweetened huel with 500ml boiling water. I also added the juice of half a lemon, salt to taste and then sprinkled fresh coriander and chopped chilli on top. It comes in at approx 400 calories in total. Also good to eat it from a bowl using a spoon - make you feel like you’re having a normal meal! The coriander and chilli also give you something to chew on in case you’re missing something crunchy/chewing…


Just wondering if anyone has tried liquorice?

Not sure if it will work to be fair.


I’ve had good results making savoury Huel using the U/U variety. I start off making a mug of Bovril with one good teaspoonful and boiling water. That goes into the blender and made up to the full amount with tomato juice (e.g. 570ml for 3 scoops). I give it a quick blend on its own then allow it to cool before adding the Huel as too much heat could affect the micro-nutrients. I usually season with a little black pepper, and some paprika, although I don’t recommend smoked paprika which seems to leave a sharp aftertaste. My only problem is that this flavour is very more-ish, making me want to drink it all very quickly whereas I prefer to space it out over my working day.


@BenTheBus and @Malti_Shah, unreal U/U combos! Love it!


Just tried 100g with 400ml of water and a cherry Muller Light yoghurt.

OMG I think I’ll be doing this more often it tastes so good.


Have got the vanilla Huel as my first order so will probably stick to sweet flavourings with this…

Loving the idea of marmite though when I get U/U for the next batch. My partner can’t stand the taste of artificial sweetners… I’d not noticed Sucralose in the ingredient list before I ordered so will be going for unflavoured next time and will get into savoury experimentation!

On the sweet front… has anyone tried Choc Shot?

Will be picking some up tonight to try over the weekend, thinking maybe with some cinnamon. Will report back!


I tried the vanilla one first, and found it did go quite well with savory flavours like chilli sauce or curry powder. It was pretty good.