How do you flavour your Huel?


Sounds exciting - I’m actually liking the idea of mixing sweet and savoury.

I have just bought a big bottle of sriracha sauce so may give that a go!


I have early-onset arthritis so I’m mixing unflavored Huel with kurkuma (powdered) and black pepper. It doesn’t taste great but it doesn’t taste bad either. I’m just happy to get everything I need in one meal :slight_smile:


May I ask about the reason you mention you elect U&U because of your arthritis?

Is there something in Vanilla that makes it prohibitive for you or is it about any other food`s contents being harder to control?


Oh no, it’s just because I think vanilla and black pepper are not a good combination.


I am a long term fan of golden milk made with almond milk, turmeric, almond milk and a little coconut oil. I have never thought of mixing it with Huel though. Sounds like it could be a winner. I have only drunk golden milk hot though.


I’m liking green barley grass powder, mint leaves, grated apple & sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg for 1st Huel of the day (all blended up)

Tablespoon or so of Chia seeds soaked overnight make a much more thicker consistency & I’ve added rolled oats in the past (to use them up)

Also liking instant coffee with mint leaves or spice or both = yummy.

Did try a grated carrot & root ginger blend but it didn’t work for me :unamused:


Tried the vanilla huel with marmite and sriracha… it wasn’t good at all. The vanilla was too strong, up front and then you’d just get the chilli aftertaste and burn. Will try again when I move to unflavoured.

Going to stick to sweeter options with the vanilla for now… will be trying it with choc shot tomorrow.

I like the sound of the barley grass powder, apple, mint and cinnamon @ekha - will have to give that a try!


I use UU but the vanilla should work really well with the combo…

You’re experiment with the vanilla Huel & Marmite sounds blurrgh if you don’t mind me saying, let alone with an unpleasant hot kickback :fearful: (I’m not a fan of chilles)

I love marmite though, but am yet to try it in my Huel. One of my favourite combinations on toast (pre Huel) was marmite & marmalade but think If I did that I’d guzzle the lot instantly.

Good luck sourcing more sweet / savoury blends


Has anyone got any recipes for combatting the sweetness of the vanilla? I’ve got two bags to work through (as a breakfast) before I move to U/U and would like some ideas - tomorrows plan is cocoa powder and more dilution


Why not alternate between the vanilla and the Un/Un? or half and half it? it worked for me, also Nutella is awesome with Huel. a few extra calories sure, but damn is it tasty!


I currently only have vanilla, I might try ordering both next time and mixing.
Today’s breakfast was better, 3 scoops of vanilla, 550ml water and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder.


Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet: blended vanilla + 1 avocado is delicious <3


Nice - must try…


Marmite and marmalade sounds very intriguing… think I’ll try that! On toast though I think to start with.


I tried choc shot on it’s own with the vanilla Huel and it is amazing. Doesn’t taste at all like it can be good for you.

As I was at home to have my huel over the weekend I got into blending so threw in some cashews, banana and cocoa with 2 scoops of vanilla huel and water… oh my god it was good. And was full for hours.

On the savoury side of things… has anyone tried cayenne pepper? With flavoured or unflavoured huel? I’m a massive fan of cayenne as it really helps with congestion and as a singer it has saved my throat on stage a few times, especially if I’ve got a cold.


U/U sample arrived today - £1 inc delivery and arrived within a day. Very impressed

I’m going to try the cayenne pepper with it - with lemon juice and possibly ginger. Will report back!


The Cayenne pepper wasn’t great but I really want to find a combination, with that in that works for me as it’s amazing stuff.

I’ve now just got v2.0 U/U and am going green with it so far - have tried kale and avocado with a bit of blackstrap molasses to sweeten it and it was really good.

Found a load of barley grass powder massively reduced (£1.60 for 200g) in asda as well so have been adding that for extra nutrients.

Today I have:
2 scoops of U/U huel
Blackstrap Molasses
Dulse Seaweed
Barley Grass
500ml Water

It definitely tastes ‘good for you’! Tasty enough though and feel a bit better to not be having the extreme sweetness in there.

I think I will mix it up with sweet and savoury flavouring over time to keep things interesting.


Thank you for this. I have ordered the raspberry one. I hope it helps. :+1:


Today I will mostly be drinking Vanilla V1.2 Huel with 5g of Organic Chia seeds and 5g of Organic Cacao powder - shaken and left overnight in the fridge.



I don’t actually like the vanilla on its own, I find it too sweet and sickly.

I actually like the unflavoured on its own as it tastes to me like porridge oats.

Looking forward to trying a savoury flavour!
I’ve seen people talk about marmite and curry spices…
Any other good ideas?