How do you flavour your Huel?


I’ve not tried the bars you refer to, but I make that combo (without the vanilla extract) and it is really good I agree. I don’t use my vitamin for it anymore either, just the shaker then overnight in the fridge.

Maca and matcha tea are really good together too.


This tastes delicious and makes 2 shakes, so I use it to replace 2 meals:

1 Litre of Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 Banana
200g Vanilla Huel
3 Heaped teaspoons instant coffee
1 level dessert spoon of peanut butter (preferably made from peanuts and nothing else)

Whizz in blender, leave in fridge overnight and there you have a delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch!


A bit late perhaps, but probably my favourite tea experiment with Huel has been liquorice tea: for those not familiar with it, liquorice tea is fairly different from actual liquorice sweets: it’s less intense but has a surprisingly strong sweetness to it. I make a pint of tea with a teabag the night before, then leave it in the fridge overnight for breakfast Huel. Ran out of the teabags though, so I haven’t yet had a chance to try this out with U/U: just the vanilla so far.

Any suggestions on flavourings?

Got some liquorice tea bags in for the day I run out of fruit juices and frozen fruit. I’ve got a bag of U/U unopened for the day when savoury inspiration strikes. Singapore noodle spiced Huel, fiery and aromatic… I’m not going to go messing in the kitchen at 1am!


Friday night treat…

100g Huel
200ml water
200ml Almond milk
1 dollop Organic Peanut Butter
1 dollop Nutella
1 x tsp Green & Blacks Cocoa
Some ice


Spiced Rum ‘to taste’ :smiling_imp:



It’s possible to buy non-Marmite brand yeast extract with no added salt, for those crazy people amongst you who can stand the stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are a brave and wonderful human! I never would have thought of these combinations :open_mouth:


Favorite but overly elaborate one so far.
Huel unflavored,
dash of Huel chocolate flavoring,
dash of coconut,
dash of cacao nips,
dash of cinnamon,
dash of walnuts,
dash of 100% chocolate buttons,
half a banana.

Also quickest/tastiest on the go is vanilla huel banana and a squeeze of lemon.

Something that works with all the above everything is almond butter.

(None of this with nutritional consideration, all for tastiest Huel possible.)


Technically it’s impossible to have a dash of chocolate buttons due to their quantised nature. Also I find, I assume due to other more subtle quantum mechanical effects, the remaining buttons seem to tunnel out of the packet in pursuit of the first chocolate button.


Bananas, easy. Peanut Butter is a winner with anything and PB2 Powdered is simple to measure out and has less calories for those counting them. As I’m training I have a selection of Whey Isolate flavours to add in but ones that were best and easy replicated without are Apple Cinnamon and Choc Orange. Great post workout warmed like porridge. I to try some savoury ideas but a little afraid.


You know you want to! Go for this Peanut Curry one, it surprised everyone in the office when I made it!


Can I get a bag of Vanilla swapped out for Unflavoured Unsweetened in my subscription due to ship Saturday then please and I’ll give savoury a whirl. Also added the Bars already to try out.

Dan Watkinson


Hi Dan, unfortunately you can’t change the contents of your subscription. It’s real pain I know, but the only way to do it is to cancel your current sub and start a new one. I can help you with the cancelling if you aren’t sure, or you can check out our helpful Subscription Guide.

Sorry to only just pick this one up. I don’t keep a constant eye on the forum, but customer service are always on their emails. You can message them on



I am new to Huel and still in my first week so using 2 options so far. 650ml plus 3 scoops plus a banana and a shot of maple syrup. Next option banana replaced with a teaspoon of instant coffee granules. Both delicious.


Hi! I know this has probably been said but i like this recipe
450ml cold water
Handful frozen raspberries
3 scoops vanilla huel
2 squares bournville plain chocolate grated
Shake it up then fill to the top with hazelnut milk.
Yum yum yum!


I am willing to try the savoury and I have a large amount of marmite and bovril. I was thinking gravy granules might be nice but I guess I like drinking gravy. I’ll do some experimentation and let you know. Unfortunately bacon flavour doesn’t taste like bacon imo


Hi all first post to share a discovery :sunglasses: - had a scan through and couldn’t see it on here.

Initially thought I was first to think of adding peppermint. But it’s been discovered already!

The other day though I thought of the idea of mint chocolate flavour Huel. So I searched out my box of peppermint tea bags (they’re most likely out of date :thinking::open_mouth:) made a brew with two bags to 500ml water, cooled it down and chilled in the fridge. Having woken up late everyday for my night shifts this week - the tea bags kept brewing in the fridge for three days!

But today for breakfast I used the 500ml of brew (I find that thinner more watered down Vanilla is less sickly than the thicker shake like) to 3 scoops huel and a heaped teaspoon of Bournville cocoa. And it was great! :heart_eyes:

My first batch of vanilla is nearly over. However I won’t be getting vanilla again, reiterating what others are saying - it’s quite sickly. But that’s not just with Huel. Other people using other brands of vanilla flavour shakes and meal subs are saying the same. Though I find a thinner consistency and bitter flavours balance it out to an extent. Will stick to U/U and add my own sweetners.

While I’m here, I’ll share some fails as well. Tried making some steamed savoury cakes, like similar to indian idli/dhokla. Only I didn’t add anything and it kind of came out like pudding than a cake. I didn’t taste it, went straight in the bin! Suppose flours and raising agents are needed to get a cake consistency. And I reckon it would work with rice flour baking soda and maybe some yeast. If I try it again I’ll update.


I’ve not tried that, but I have tried peppermint drops and raw cacao and tastes good.


Did you use extract or flavouring? Bet that tastes better. But the tea bags surprisingly was still strong enough to give a peppermint taste and mask a lot of the vanilla out.


extract…but what you did sounds good