Huel and general inflamation


Hunzas is highly recommended for all those people who have just washed all their underwear and haven’t got a tumble dryer !


Highly recommended by Which…or was it Crimewatch?




Yes I often look on there when shopping around. My last 3 for £3 was Almond Breeze. Morrisons now has Alpro on offer.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I’m all stocked up at the moment but it’s good to know.


Ha! If only. I actually have anhedonia which affects every aspect of my life. So although I may make smutty jokes, that’s as far as it goes.


I didn’t actually know what that is, but Google is my friend. Sounds harsh, but guess people who can tolerate drinking Huel all have it :stuck_out_tongue:


It is, by definition, not a lot of fun! But you’re right, it does make a diet made up largely of huel a lot easier if you’re not a massive fan of food in the first place. Thinking about the process of eating has weirded me out for as long as I can remember. Taking a foreign object, putting it into a hole in your face, mashing it up then swallowing it so it travels inside your body to be digested and converted to fuel is freaky.


If you put it like that… :frowning:


I got some Oatly barista and finding it ok in tea. Will have some on my granola tomorrow morning instead of almond milk. Thanks for putting me onto it :+1:


I’ve never tried it on granola, but it’s the only one I’ve found guaranteed not to curdle in coffee.


Will try some in coffee tomorrow.


It’s amazing.


Wow! Pleasantly surprised! This is the only plant milk so far that I have found this enjoyable in coffee (or tea). Will have to watch the calories but hey! :yum:

I also bought a pack of Quorn chicken pieces to try. Never tried these before so hope I like them.


Yes. It is in my opinion by far the best tasting plant milk in coffee. Glad you like it