Huel Bar v3.0 now available - improved texture


But sugar’s not inherently unhealthy, it’s just about moderation. The amount of sugar in a Huel bar is hardly mind blowing. Perhaps if you’re diabetic it’s less than ideal, but for anything else I feel like it’s a bit like making mountains out of molehills…

Just because something is low in sugar doesn’t make it healthy!


Exactly, everything in moderation. This stops me from chomping down multiple Huel bars per day. I’m looking for something I can chew on multiple times per day, without feeling like it’s a bad idea.


But the bar isn’t designed to be consumed multiple times per day. This is why having a monster 500kcal bar also makes no sense. The bar is a healthy snack. Not a regular meal.


That’s why I said “Too much sugar”. It’s only useful as a treat, not as a decent chunk of our diet.


It’s not designed to be a decent chunk of our diet. v1 of the bar was closer to that original goal with it’s “nutrition first and to hell with the taste and texture” approach (within reason) and people kept complaining it was too dry and crumbly etc. In v2 they compromised somewhat the nutritional profile to make it tastier as if nobody wants to eat it it doesn’t matter how healthy it is and people have still complained about the texture of the bar.

If you have tried a twennybar from JJ you’ll know they have a very low sugar content but they are as dry as f. I can’t say I enjoy eating a vanilla twennybar but I do have them.


At the end of the day you pays your money and you takes your choice. As with all foodstuffs it’s up to you how much or how little you eat of it. Hopefully common sense will prevail…though it very often doesn’t :grin:


I’m glad I saw this - just ordered 6 boxes so I can put off having to try the ‘squidgy’ bars for a few months. I really really like v. 2


I’m still putting mine in the microwave to soften them up so I can’t wait to try the new ones :yum:


Haha me too - identical number of boxes ordered!!!
I think v2 is perfect so I stocked up.
I nearly bought 12 boxes but remembered the bb date on the last lot i bought only gave me about 4 months to eat them :rofl:

Edit: I am excited about the removal of the chicory root fibre however - I think this is a great move. I did suffer the first couple of attempts but then my digestive system seemed to settle down and I’m fine with v2 now.
I like the sound of the new recipe very much.
That’s what I’m worried about…
I might eat a whole box in one go :laughing:


Am I the only one who loved the crumbly texture and earthy flavour of v1.0…?


I’m thinking yes.

Everyone I gave them to complained about it. I didn’t like it much either.


Of course I still ordered two boxes with my next shipment of Huel Drink :wink: Apparently I’m a sucker for trying all new Huel things :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know. When I go to Huel for bars (and other brands) I expect to be able to have a balanced meal. For snacks, I rather eat protein bars (they are way tastier) or some Nature Valley.

I think that a 500kcal bar would come handy in certain situations (travelling, office, hiking…).

Both approaches are valid I believe.


Just ate half a bar of 3.0 for a snack and…result! :+1: Loving the new texture. Still the same great flavour but now more like firm nougat or fudge. Chewy and more biteable, also easier to cut into pieces should you so wish :yum::grin:


How do I cut it so it becomes twice as big :grimacing:


Haha :grin::laughing: :rofl:


Is great news but because everytime I ate the bars at the office I ended choking. I will buy them soon.

But they are still very small, with 250 kcal you need 2 bars to eat.
3.0 xl?


250 kcal is perfect size, in my opinion. If I wanted a 500kcal meal, I’d just eat two :’) I care more about nutritional value as a meal, rather than sizing.


They are meant as a snack, not a meal.


Do you oppose to a XL version though?
Looking at how everything else is priced, big buy is generally (always to my knowledge?) cheaper per calorie than smaller quantities. Win!