Huel Bar v3.0 now available - improved texture


I oppose the 250kcal bars being replaced by 500kcal bars, but if they brought out a 500kcal bar that may appeal to some people (just not me)


Yeah 500kcal is certainly a big snack hahaha I think they’re more than a snack however, being ‘nutritionally complete’ and quite expensive compared to other snacks


I liked the old v1 bars too.


I remember finding one a few months after V2.0 and feeling like it was Xmas hahaha


u kay m8?


I literally just made an account to ask, is there any possibility of doing taster packs. I don’t want to fork out £24.75 on something I might not like.

I really want to try Huel Bars but its a big risk.


No samples I’m afraid. It’s a risk we all take. Fortunately I like them :smile:
You could always try to sell them on if they don’t suit.


Looks like you’ll have to update hahaha


Why is the sugar still that high? 15,8% its a lot

Hahah I told you for the 2.0 that it needed to be softer no matter how, glad to see the changes. I have to finish the last 10 ones, but its really difficult to eat them.

Would be ironic to end dying while eating the last 2.0 I have in order to buy the 3.0 version hahah




Trying to make everyone happy, while only one is impossible already :joy:


I know right. I just did it recently too…:sweat_smile:

I guess it is a good thing though that Huel keeps pumping out the improvements at this rate. And this time is the direction I wanted, more moist and improved texture!

Can’t wait to try it.


Hi @airiartev

This is explained here.


Mmm I am not fully convinced about the explanation, 2.0 had the same amount of sugar and it was very dry.


Surely this is a good improvement then??
To make such a massive improvement to the texture and taste, but not increase sugar content in order to do so.
I also like the removal of chicory root fibre.
The ingredients look great for v.3
I haven’t tasted them yet, as I like v2 a lot and am worried that v3 may be too delicious and moreish!


Havent tasted yet but it seems that is going to be like day and night.

Why you dont like chicory root fibre?


Chicory root fibre is mostly inulin, which can cause bloating and pain for IBS sufferers.


We replaced the chicory root fibre in v2.0 with soluble gluco fibre (SGF). SGF is much better tolerated by those with sensitive tummies so we could use more without affecting the sugar.


I love the choc orange ones. Might have to try the coffee ones now. Perhaps you have made them too nice :thinking::yum:


The feet hurt, don’t step on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: