Huel + Raspberry Ketones + Matcha powder

Depends on how OCD you are really! I just threw two 50g bags of ketones in with a 100g bag of Matcha. Mix it all up as a dry powder. Take two or three scoops of that with milk, or in my case Oat milk, and bingo!

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If you have any links to scientific research, I’d be keen to read it. There are many health and weight loss forums that swear by it.

MCT oil will allow those not following a ketogenic diet to get ketones into their system.


From which site can you order these products from - Apologies if it’s obvious - Thank you Graham.

I use

Either those, dessicated coconut or coconut milk/milk powder will work, but the best method is just pure MCT oil.

My matcha tea and ketones arrived today
As i blend mine In a small blender will put a teaspoon of each in with the Huel and water in my case…

Let’s see if I see a change :pray::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:


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I have started this mixture and I have to say it really suppresses the appetite!! Is that what you found? I feel fuller and of course as time goes on the combo of ketones and the tea will whizz fat burning!

I will get a good full week on it next week…

And the taste although unusual its not bad :slight_smile:

Thanks again for tip :


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Glad you like it!

Cool, might swap my Alpro oat milk for Coconut instead then.

I think Icy meant coconut milk as the tinned stuff rather than the coconut milk in a tetrapak: koko, alpro coconut etc…but I may be wrong.

So long as it has a decent amount of coconut in, it should be fine. Check the saturated fat content, roughly 60% of that will be MCTs (which in turn will be ~50% lauric acid (so 30% of the total saturated fat)). I’m unsure if alpro will have a high enough content though, as based on their almond milk, it’s only about 2% almonds.


Ah ok, thanks…I knew you’d confirm :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks

Yeah works a treat. I think the hunger suppression might be in part to do with the raised metabolism. I feel like a Duracell bunny!

What results have you guys had from this combo?

Well I’m not in it for a hard and fast diet or weight loss regime. I’m in it for the long haul health benefits and hopefully stave off the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Having said all that, in the weeks that I have been taking my magic mix, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in energy levels. As well as not feeling hungry for a lot longer. I’ve not weighed myself but I’m pretty sure the gut is shrinking as well as the rest of my body. I also feel like there is a definite improvement in overall mood and ability to think faster. So good results all round so far.

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Do you think any of this is due to the Raspberry Ketones?

My mother has started taking these which is of concern to me… Wondering what the side effects are. Never seen any proven advantages of consuming them.

Raspberry ketones simply increase the metabolic rate at which you burn fat. Same as Matcha green tea. Although the science hasn’t been proven in humans as yet, only lab mice and rats. However if you speak to anyone that has taken ketones or followed a Keto diet, the effects are quite amazing. Your body will naturally strip fat. There are other natural supplements like Garcinia Cambogia which also have the same effect. If you ask any model how they keep thier weight down and stay in shape, you’ll probably find they are taking one of those items above.

i hope that answers your question