Huel with IBS/Acid Reflux

Hi, i have been using huel for about a month now. I have irritable bowl syndrome and sometimes i get acid reflux, this heul has been really good in making sure i get everything i need and not worrying too much about my diet. however it is slightly acidic, so here is some advice if you are in a similar situation. just add a teaspoon or 2 of bicarbonate of soda to the mix, it changes the taste however its alot better than throwing up everywhere =D

How do you know it’s acidic?

Maybe because the bicarbonate of soda stopped him throwing up? lol

I know it’s not very sciency, but rytcharg, if you know you have acid reflux and Huel doesn’t stop you from throwing up, that doesn’t mean Huel is acidic. In my opinion, it only means Huel isn’t alkaline enough to cancel out the acid which is already in your stomach. The water you are using may also make a small difference (it all adds up!)

If the bicarbonate of soda is working for you, then well done for taking control!

I think we need @JamesCollier in here to confirm the PH of Huel with distilled water :sweat: