Introducing v3.1 🖤

Trying the choc mint one.

Not impressed to be honest. I only ever baught the white version for the taste of this one and to mix it up a bit from the black edition.

Overall gone from 9/10 to 5/10. Why change?

I’m ok with the ‘why change’ - for the carbon reduction mostly, but the mixability is really excellent, no lumps at all, amazing.

Having said that I’m finding the banana flavour to be paler than I remembered from v3.0. Less sweet, but also less banana.

The chocolate on the other hand is wonderful. I didn’t like choc v3.0 very much, but v3.1 is fab. It’s got a cherry note in there which makes it seem like drinking black forest gateau. Maybe someone’s already said that.

edit: my memory of v3.0 may be hazy.

One other thing - I reckon v3 is maybe more filling/satiating than BE. After a day of Black I find I sometimes have cravings (for carbs), but after a day of v3 I feel sort of ‘balanced’. Might still be a bit hungry but only for another shake. .

We’re sorry to hear that you’re just not a fan!

We’d love to talk more about your experience. Can you drop us an email at so we can look into your experience more and find a way to help!