Is it safe to live off this stuff?

In the current situation my OCD is on overdrive, and I am more or less trapped in my room, unable to venture anywhere else except the toilet 12 hours after everybody has gone to bed, where I can refill my water bottle and wash my container, and I feel completely and utterly filthy and infected for hours afterwards. This means that “real” food is completely out of the question, so I have been staying in my room for the past 2 weeks living off nothing more than huel. Apart from missing food. I feel fine… Is it safe to continue this indefinitely? (from a diet perspective)

Yes you can, although it is not something we actively recommend. Huel contains all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibre, phytonutrients, and at least 100% of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

If your current alternative is no food at all then Huel is the better option.


I’d say it’s a pretty good option

It looks like a lot of the UK are planning to live on pasta, passata and toilet paper :joy::joy:


I suppose either one of those will do. Sheets of toilet paper can be used for lasagne, and you can wipe your arse on lasagne sheets.

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I’ve been eating Huel for 100% of my calories for 4 years now and I’m doing great. Therefore it is possible.

It is safe unless you have some condition that would prevent you from extracting nutrition from food in general - and you’d likely know about having such a condition by now.


Literally nothing else consumed except Huel?

Do you have blog or any written account of your experience? I’d be interested to read if so. I do get most of my calories from huel at the moment. The odd day it has been 100%, but I could never just go all in - there’s too much other tasty food out there.

At a time like this on planet Earth, Huel is an absolute god send. I pitty the fools who have stocked up on rice and pasta.

Currently enjoying my huel as delicious warm porridge

probably more absorbent than


There wouldn’t be any shortages if stores only sold that.


I’ve been buying @hunzas’ vegan toilet lettuce.
It’s actually really soft if you leave it out of the fridge, and naturally moist. And will hopefully disintegrate in the drains. If not I’m in trouble


What’s the story with Huel not recommending their own product for 100% calorie intake? It’s been designed so that 5 servings provide all the right nutrients for a 2000 kcal diet but we are told it’s not recommended to do that.

Because it’s safe as far as our current knowledge goes. We don’t know what we don’t know🤷‍♂️

Whilst it can be assumed to be safe, there havent actually been any full studies done on it, so even though people do live 100% off of huel, they can’t recommend it just in case. There’s nothing saying it can’t be done but at the same time, nothing official saying it can be done so it is better not to say it on the off chance something 30 years from now is discovered and Huel can be held accountable.

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On top of what has been contributed, there’s also the social aspects of eating.

Mentally, most people would really struggle to go 100% Huel, variety is the spice of life after all.

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There are pretty big implications behind making a claim like that. I kind of agree with their stance on it.

Nothing else, no exceptions.

If you search on these forums you’ll find my posts with details.

I don’t keep a blog about this because there’s no need - it really is nothing strange. Huel is food.


Been here, done that.
You will certainly not die of hunger or lack of something in your body eating only Huel with no exceptions, however it is highly recommended to chew something solid from time to time.
Drinking only Huel like forever related to bad breathing, gases, and jaw muscles stiffness, pretty uncomfortable stuff to be honest.

I’m not sure that’s true. I’ve seen lots of people speculate that it may be so, but I only know of @rikefrejut who actually does it, and he hasn’t mentioned anything like that.

He has mutated into a spherical blob with orange lips and five legs, but I think his jaw is fine.


Ok! Well, it means that different experience meet different people. Mine was like that :slight_smile:
Solution for me was adding fruits and vegetables to my diet and issues disappear.


Thanks for all your replies.
From a common sense perspective it doesn’t seem like an unhealthy choice at all, especially compared to some lifestyles. However I do think that there are some things you can get from eating certain foods that you can’t get from huel alone. The magical powers of Garlic, probiotics, herbs and spices, that sort of thing. Perhaps bad examples, but foods that provide semi unique benefits was my point. I’m just glad I have this. It has helped me through many years of diet and ability to eat issues, and never more than it has now.

I have been living off Huel pretty much exclusively for nealry two years and have never felt better