Liver shrinkage diet

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I’m about to begin my liver shrinkage diet in preparation for my bariatric surgery. I’ve learned that Huel should be suitable in smaller portions at regular intervals. The hospital suggested consuming 5 servings of SlimFast each day. Does anyone know the equivalent ratio with Huel? Would it be one scoop five times a day mixed with semi skimmed milk?


How many calories in a slim fast shake, do you know?

Actually I just googled it and a slim fast ready made meal replacement is 204 calories in banana

A Huel RTD drink is 400 calories.

About 45 grams or 1 scoop of Huel powder is about 200 calories so that equates to about 5 scoops of Huel in water a day. About 1000 calories

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I just realised a typo. 5 scoops is 1000 not 100 calories. You probably guessed that but I’ve amended it now

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Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000 calories, and isn’t designed to be used during very low calorie diets. As Slimfast is designed for this purpose, it’s likely to have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals per 100 calories. Just worth bearing in mind to make sure you’re still meeting your body’s micronutrient needs despite consuming fewer calories :blush:

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