Lost 4lb 1st Week

I am new to Huel I have been having 2 scoops in 300ml of water I thought 500ml was too much for me. I am trying to incorpaarate 5:2 Diet so on fasting days I am using 2 scoops 300ml twice a day. other five days 2scoops 300ml breakfast I dont seem hungry around lunch time then I have a normal meal for tea. I lost 4lb in first week.


Well done! I do 3 in 400ml as I think the consistency is just right. I too have found in less likely to snack as I feel full for around 4 hours per serving. I’m not tracking my weight more than by visual appearance but I think I’m trimming down in just a couple of weeks of replacing 2meals a day, sometimes 3, as 3 scoops is only around 500cal I’m still below the calories for the day and I think my stomach is shrinking too as I always had trouble feeling full before switching