Low carb/Keto Huel

Okay, hoping that someone has experienced not only the weight loss of a keto diet but also the life after so to speak.

Did you experience extreme weight gain after keto? I have heard switching from low carb to moderate carb increases your weight extremely.

I started keto at 95kg, dropped to 77kg, re-gained 10 to 87. That 10 seems to have been composed of ~4kg water, ~3kg muscle (I miscalculated my protein intake on keto so probably lost some) and ~3kg fat. So if we only count the fat, I went 95 —> 84 —> 87, so regained maybe 1/3-1/4 of the lost fat.

Would love to try a low carb option also!

Hi you say you sell a keto shake? Do you have a link / price etc?

Just for the record, i’d love a low carb option preferably macros of 70(F)/25§/5©

I’ve agreed with Tim and the team not to discuss our products in the open setting of their forum - apologies.

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Okay, but you can open dialogue via email, I’m sure? :grinning:

Huel with lower carbs would be great for me as well. There is no single body type. I have just learned the proportions in HUEL have too much carbs for me (that’s why never managed to loose weight on Huel, even when following the kcal restrictions). My ideal proportions of macro nutrients are Carbs 20%, Proteins 25%, Fat 50%. Other body types would probably need a bit different proportions…

I’m a huge advocate for keto, but if you run a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. Not doing so would breach thermodynamics. Your water weight can fluctuate by up to around +/- 2kg per day, which can hugely impact what the scale says and make it harder to notice a downward trend, especially if it’s disheartening enough to give up, but weight loss (in terms of fat) is entirely dictated by calories in vs calories out.

The benefit of keto (and to a lesser extent, low-carb) when it comes to weight loss is the suppression of the a hormone called ghrelin - which is associated with symptoms of hunger - which allows a larger caloric deficit to be achieved with relative ease. Some also find fats to be more satiating than carbs which also helps, but again, it’s all about suppression of hunger, not a change to calories in vs calories out (although a few studies show that switching to a ketogenic diet can slightly raise calories out with no other action required too - but it’s still calories in vs calories out).


Yeah I am also interested in a Keto version. Quite happy to add my own olive oil e.t.c. if needed as long as there was a good base there.

Huel consists of mainly Oatmeal, Brown Rice, and Flaxseed. Take those out and you have really nothing left. Ketogenic diets are bad for your health anyways. It’s basically a lie that carbs are bad for you. Any food can be so called “bad for you”. If you’re eating good carbs, like oatmeal, and not bad carbs like potato chips, you should be okay.

You mean slow vs fast carbs right?

What an insane comment “Ketogenic diets are bad for your health anyways”. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Ketogenic diets are known to help many illnesses as well as help different people with focus, training etc. Everyone is different. keto will work for some, and not others.

On Keto i was eating 2500 calories a day and losing weight. With a ‘normal’ diet i have to lower that to around 2200 just stay maintaining.

Each diet is different to the person and their goals.

I’m quite fussy with food and i travel a lot with work so i struggled to keep the keto diet going, however if i was able to i’d most certainly be on Keto instead of carbs. As you say, different variations on carbs etc but to say Keto is bad your health is ludicrous.

Please do some research on the long term effects of keto. It’s not recommended.

That statement is the same as saying complete foods are bad because Soylent is bad. But there is a large difference in the healthfulness of Soylent vs Huel.

A well designed ketogenic diet is as good as any other good diet that promotes good health. Unfortuntately, there are very few people who design it well.

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