Lower Carb Huel / Keto

No, starvation does. That’s exactly what he said. Not eating causes muscle loss.

Why are you baiting people into arguments that you can’t even win yourself on like 5 different topics in the last hour?


Just for the fun, i’ve to admit. And maybe I’ll learn something interesting?

“Not eating will eventually cause muscle loss” is not an interesting find…

EDIT: GTIPuG, to be honest, i think most of the health benefits of low carb, we should get them via fasting. I think it’s a legitimate topic of debate. It’s not just pure polemic.

2nd EDIT: My goal is never to win arguments. My goal is always to learn and to teach. If people don’t want to learn (or to teach), I’ve nothing to “debate” with them.

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Because that’s what he does… Sadly.

Well, fasting is very good, but in order to maintain ketosis for longer periods of time (e.g. your whole life :wink: ) and not go into starvation mode (unless you are extremely obese, but even then you would eventually (the longest described medical case is AFAIR 382 days) get lean and need food :wink: ), one needs a ketogenic diet. Plenty of food to choose from. Just not Huel (sadly)… as I explained above :wink:

I think nature doesn’t want us to be in a fasting state our whole life. That’s my point actually. On top of that, a diet made almost entirely of oil, butter, cheese and fatty cuts is just boring.

Anyway, if you’ve some links on the long term effects (at least 6 months) of ketogenic diet, I would like to review them. Based on my limited understanding of biochemistry and human evolution, I would expect that the only way to get some passable results is to eat a lot of (animal?) protein. Please enlighten me…

P.S: From what I’ve understood, some people go out of ketosis when they eat plenty of protein. I think if these people do attempt to cut protein to stay in ketosis, then they’ll run into serious troubles.

P.S: Take a look at Dr. Bernstein website/books. He recommends plenty of protein. I’m not sure if he recommends ketosis or not. I think he is probably the most credible “low carb” advocate…

Well, you have arrived at a very reasonable conclusion and I would be surprised to see anyone argue otherwise.

I see. Why would you ever limit your diet like that?

I would love to help but, sadly, I cannot afford the time. I you are really interested then I would probably advise heading to https://scholar.google.co.uk and starting your research there. I have no idea what your circumstances are, of course, and thus what particular goal or goals you would like to achieve by changing your diet or lifestyle, but in order to make it easy for you to start your journey, I quickly found the following papers that I thought might interest you:

I hope this will help you get started.

It is true that ingesting too much protein can put you out of ketosis (most of the 20 amino acids can be used as substrates in gluconeogenesis) but it is not a problem since any well-composed ketogenic diet does include adequate levels of protein. I can see no “serious trouble” related to that unless you are talking about improperly designed diets but then it is not really relevant to our topic as it is not specific to LCHF (e.g. one could be on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet deficient in protein). In general, malnutrition is rare in the developed world. Protein is rarely a problem irrespective of one’s diet and activity level.

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One more thought before we finish discussing the subject of long-term effects… There is always a trade-off between being adventurous and adopting a more conservative approach to innovation. The theory of diffusion of innovation comes to mind (the vast majority of people are not innovators or early adopters - innovators are quite rare). Ultimately, everyone has to do their own research, weight pros and cons, and make their own decision. Over the years, I stumbled upon quite a lot of animal studies (including long-term) and short-term studies in humans that show many potential benefits of both fasting and ketogenic / LCHF diet (e.g. anti-carcinogenic, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory). We often wrongly assume that deferring a decision whether we should introduce something new into our lives (i.e. our decision to maintain the status quo) is a safer choice. To “wait and see” does not necessarily mean to “play it safe”. Imagine that you are a smoker living in the 1920s Germany and you read that doctor Fritz Lickint claims smoking causes cancer. Not only many doctors you know are smokers and consider smoking safe, but some even say that smoking actually improves health and you (and many other smokers you know) agree with them. You love smoking and decide you do not want to quit till there is a scientific consensus (if ever) that smoking really not only does not improve health but actually causes cancer. Decades pass. To escape the war you emigrate to America ;). In the 1960s, the United States Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health is published and you finally have your consensus: smoking tobacco does cause cancer and many other diseases. You have been killing yourself for the last forty years! Alternative ending: Or maybe you are already dead when the report comes out :wink:

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I’ve been mixing Huel using the two low-carb hack recipes on the website. Tastes great, and I feel more alert etc than unmixed. I’ve made this available for people to try through eBay, though don’t want to shamelessly market it without a few peoples feedback hahaha.
Please message me if you’re interested and keen to try out keto Huel - I’ll send out the link :slight_smile:

Hey! I wanted to ask you how you diet is going, I am interested in you low carb keto diet.

Have you tried Black Huel?

You could mix Black Edition with protein powder. That way you could lower the carb content even further.

I would prefer to add fat. What do yoy recommend?

Huel recommends dessicated coconut but I dont know what the flavour and mix could be…

If you want to add fat I would suggest MCT oil. Or some vegan omega 3 oil. They usually have flavour additions and are not too unpleasant.

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Would Olive oil be okay? I am considering Olive oil + butter to increase the fats of the Black Huel.

The main issue is the excess of Vitamin E of the olive oil.

Regarding Vitamin E there is no known hypervitaminosis, so I would not worry too much about it.
If I wanted to add fat I would use omega 3 oil, though - on amazon I found a vegan one with flavouring - so the taste should not be that bad.
Or you could use a mixer and blend in some nuts…a friend likes that very much and sometimes even buys a meal replacement that contains fine grained nuts. If you don’t have an allergy like me this might also be a good option…

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That is a great advice.

Or even eat nuts before Huel black to make it more keto friendly

Recently I have been adding butter and other saturated fats into my diet and I have felt with more energy, more sustained and like more efficient if that makes sense (but a little more nervous/active maybe).

So as reducing carbs to the bare minimum is making an effect on me, I want to try keto for some time and analyse how it goes. My carb consumption was already low, like 30-35% and mostly oats or WhiteUU. Last weeks has been like 15% of carbs mainly from WhiteUU and the rest was fat-protein and I liked it.

So this upcoming weeks I will try to have zero carbs and see how it goes with no WhiteUU just for the sake of science.

I have been reading about keto for years and I think its worth the try despite is too restrict… I would like to not feel better with keto hahah

You should try to get a greater variety of different fats then; maybe it also helps to add many different types of seeds.
And perhaps something that adds micronutrients, as these seem to be critical in a diet that is mainly based on fats and protein. There are a lot of superfood powders that might help in this case.

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I usually prefer to not mention competitors products on Huel forum, but given that Huel does not provide a ketogenic version, it should be ok. Some of my friends had great success with https://genesisfoods.co/ ketogenesis range. This way you’ll be sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein.

@Dan_Huel Hello Dan, I have noticed that on the nutritional label of Huel Black and Hot&Savoury you dont have any macro distribution per 100 gr on the web, but you do on the back of those products. Correct me if I am wrong.

Could you add the 100gr distribution for Black and H&S?

Thanks for the link. The micronutrient content looks impressive, they even add asthaxanthine - but it does not seem to be vegan, though. Have you used this product or how did you get to know it?