Lower Carb Huel / Keto

I would prefer to add fat. What do yoy recommend?

Huel recommends dessicated coconut but I dont know what the flavour and mix could be…

If you want to add fat I would suggest MCT oil. Or some vegan omega 3 oil. They usually have flavour additions and are not too unpleasant.

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Would Olive oil be okay? I am considering Olive oil + butter to increase the fats of the Black Huel.

The main issue is the excess of Vitamin E of the olive oil.

Regarding Vitamin E there is no known hypervitaminosis, so I would not worry too much about it.
If I wanted to add fat I would use omega 3 oil, though - on amazon I found a vegan one with flavouring - so the taste should not be that bad.
Or you could use a mixer and blend in some nuts…a friend likes that very much and sometimes even buys a meal replacement that contains fine grained nuts. If you don’t have an allergy like me this might also be a good option…

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That is a great advice.

Or even eat nuts before Huel black to make it more keto friendly

Recently I have been adding butter and other saturated fats into my diet and I have felt with more energy, more sustained and like more efficient if that makes sense (but a little more nervous/active maybe).

So as reducing carbs to the bare minimum is making an effect on me, I want to try keto for some time and analyse how it goes. My carb consumption was already low, like 30-35% and mostly oats or WhiteUU. Last weeks has been like 15% of carbs mainly from WhiteUU and the rest was fat-protein and I liked it.

So this upcoming weeks I will try to have zero carbs and see how it goes with no WhiteUU just for the sake of science.

I have been reading about keto for years and I think its worth the try despite is too restrict… I would like to not feel better with keto hahah

You should try to get a greater variety of different fats then; maybe it also helps to add many different types of seeds.
And perhaps something that adds micronutrients, as these seem to be critical in a diet that is mainly based on fats and protein. There are a lot of superfood powders that might help in this case.

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I usually prefer to not mention competitors products on Huel forum, but given that Huel does not provide a ketogenic version, it should be ok. Some of my friends had great success with https://genesisfoods.co/ ketogenesis range. This way you’ll be sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein.

@Dan_Huel Hello Dan, I have noticed that on the nutritional label of Huel Black and Hot&Savoury you dont have any macro distribution per 100 gr on the web, but you do on the back of those products. Correct me if I am wrong.

Could you add the 100gr distribution for Black and H&S?

Thanks for the link. The micronutrient content looks impressive, they even add asthaxanthine - but it does not seem to be vegan, though. Have you used this product or how did you get to know it?

I have not used that product. I found out about it because a few years back keto was the shiny new thing for weight loss among some of my friends. They asked me about it because they knew I already consumed “powdered food”. So I had a look at it, and even back then it looked like a quality product with focus on good nutrition. I gave my friends the OK to try it and they loved it.

They have a vegan range too, and a hypoallergenic one as well.

Sorry Adrián I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Could you clarify please?

The 100g is on the label due to EU law. We use serving size and 2000kcal on the website as this what customers mainly want to know.

Yes, as 100gr labels are mandatory and easy to analyse and compare, I wondered why Black and HS didnt have it on the web. :confused:

If you want to analyse and compare you can use the 2000kcal for that :slight_smile:

But then I am only able to compare within the Huel catalogue as I cant compare it to other foods or brands that use the mandatory 100gr.

For example, how I am able to know the % of the macros easily? Do I have to make some simple math to calculate the sugar in each Black or HS?

Weird decision.

The macro split is at the top of each product nutrition page e.g. https://uk.huel.com/pages/the-huel-hot-savoury-formula-explained#macro

At the German page they show the macronutrients for one serving size (2 scoops or 400 kcal).
This somehow makes sense, at least if you use the scoops; if you use a scale this won’t be helpful, though. Do you use one?

@mbs @rikefrejut

As an update of the keto try: I have been doing strict keto for 3 days and I also checked it with the reactive acetone sticks to confirm it.

I feel very good, no problems at all, no keto flu. I only felt dizzy one night and it felt like I was starting to change the main fuel source from glucose to ketones. It felt like i had a pint or two.

I have more concentration, specially more tunnel vision or focus on things, like when I used to take modafinyl.

The main problem is that the diet is very very restrict… Its so much that I think I am not going to make it after this test. My diet was very thoughtful and calculated before with very dense foods and almost vegetarian. But with Keto I cant even have Huel white and neither Huel Black… If only Huel Black had less carbs that would be a tremendous help. I miss Huel like I havent done in years. I need to feel that I achieve or accomplish at least the 50% of the necessary shit that my body needs

With keto I am specially worried with not getting enough micronutrients. The food choices are heavily reduced and the benefits of keto are eclipsed by the restriction of foods. Meal planning is a must for keto.

One great thing is that my black coffee now gets like 2 spoons of butter and that is very tasty.

I will try it for a little bit more, I love the diet and the concept, but achieving it is very very weird and hard… I see myself getting shots of olive oil or coconut oil to get to the kcal needed or eating too much protein.

Also, when hanging out with friends or going to restaurants it can become a very big problem.

We will see…

One of the founders used to be a frequent poster on this forum. Well informed fella too. I’ll tag him, although to be fair he won’t discuss it here cos it’s a competing product. @IcyElemental

Do you think you get enough micronutrients now? Where do you get them from?