Mad hermit wants to be a lanky streak of piss

Have a pie to celebrate

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Without even realising it I’ve just read 81 posts. This is probably the longest thing I’ve read that wasn’t a comic book. This is also by far the best huel update story on here.


Oh man you should have been around when jeffy’s journal was in full force, newcomers would sit and read that from start to finish apparently. Pretty sure it’s still the biggest post by all metrics: read count, reply count, like count, number of active members etc

Edit: apparently not the most liked actually, still a very good thread


‘jeffy’s journal’ - is it this one ?

Nope, this one

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thanks @RyanT. I did a search and din’s journey came up… it wasn’t until I read all 108 posts that, within post #108 (had to be the last one, didnt it) someone referenced ‘Jeffy’ - hence the match.

Anyway, I now have 700+ posts to read… should keep me distracted from doing whatever I should be doing for a little while…

Hey David,
Your post is really relatable, thank you for sharing. I have depression as well, and decided to try Huel for weight loss to help with lack of self esteem. I use food to fill the hole inside me (and crips are my one true love). Any tips or trick on abstaining or training one’s will?

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@RyanT nawwww you’re way too kind! I was always astounded, amazed and touched when newcomers would pop up saying they spent 10 hours reading through the entire thread :rofl: good times, good times :’)

@Tonyrob hahah! No pressure to read through all my half coherent daily rambles! (at least they aren’t growing by the day now) XD but am honoured to be your chosen source of procrastination, happy reading! :stuck_out_tongue:


Am glad I got tagged in this thread, am excited to have a read through of your journey!
But for now, incredible job on the weight loss @David , Huel makes losing weight so much more straightforward doesn’t it ;>


Hi Jacques. It is hard, and I think the most important thing is to allow yourself to have bad days. Some days crisps are just too sexy, but that doesn’t make you weak or a bad person. They are sexy!

Also a good way to cheat the crisp instinct is to get some of the Huel granola. Sometimes you just need to crunch on something. It’s also good when your mood is so low that you can’t even be bothered to make a shake.

Also make the shakes in advance and have them ready in the fridge. First they taste nicer that way, and second when you feel sluggish you can just grab one.

Best of luck with it! Post and let us know how you’re getting on.

Thanks! It’s great, yeah. Calorie counting is such a godawful pain in the arse when you’re cooking meals and eating all sorts of crap, but now it’s very simple.


Just received word that my order, that I received yesterday, has shipped. Er, thanks Huel.


Please update your records.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Banana
  3. Vanilla
  4. Coffee
  5. Original
  6. Mint Chocolate
  7. Brexit
  8. Berry

I don’t think the berry is that bad tbh. Mine was donated to me and went out of date in August.
Sometimes I make it with 2 scoops, and 1 scoop of memories of memories of banana.

My world hasn’t fallen out of the wormhole yet, so it must still be good.


I think I will have to demote banana a couple of places. It’s alright but it’s both too subtle when I drink it, and way too strong an hour later.

My berry hate is becoming a meme. I’ve actually consumed two entire bags. The second bag was because I’d forgotten if I liked it or not, so I don’t really feel that strongly about it. It’s definitely the worst flavour though.

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Berry, sorry typo, Very interesting list

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Here’s an anecdote for you @David . A mate of mine bought a bag of banana Huel and a bag of Berry Huel. She loved the banana but the berry made her vom.

I said “keep drinking the banana but Chuck Berry.”


Do you know why Huel’s deliveries have been a bit slow lately? A lorry load of berries crashed on the motorway and caused a huge jam.


I haven’t updated this thread for a while. I’m 12 stone 4, and have lost 30% of my body weight. The belly is stubbornly hanging in there but it’s much reduced. A couple of weekends ago I was staying with friends and they have a gigantic full-length mirror in their bathroom. It’s the first time in ages I’ve had a proper look at myself, and the transformation is shocking.

Caloriewise, I’m still staying under my TDEE almost every day. I’ve abandoned the 1000 calorie deficit though. It was good to burn through the fat during the first few months, but now I’m going to glide down to the finish like a space shuttle.

Can a space shuttle take off like a plane or can it only land like one? I’ve seen it piggybacking on jumbo jets but I don’t know if that’s just to prevent wear and tear. It probably doesn’t have enough lift.

Whenever anyone here writes RTD I immediately think of Russell T Davies. Probably just me.


Well done David - I’m in a similar position to you - down from 130kg to 90kg (20.4 stone to 14 stone so, like you, 31%) with another 5-10 kilo to go to get to target weight. same deal with the stubborn belly - its payday so seriously considering nuking what’s left of that with some fat freezing treatments :rofl:

Went to the opera last weekend and honestly, its the first time in about 15 years I’ve felt comfortable enough with my appearance to get dressed up and take selfies. Huel really has been a huge part of this change for me over the past 12 months.


Looking cool as f mate :+1:

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