Messy, but there is a solution

I found mixing Huel a bit messy. I am repackaging it to big jar in order not to fight with keeping bag open, filling spoon and not to spill it, also it is hard to take whole bag with me when I am going for longer trip. Ready-to-drink shakes aren’t solution, as it is additional weight and size and in most cases access to water isn’t big deal.

So I had this idea, repackage it to small portions of powder (right now I am using ikea food bags for it), even more I think it would be great to be able to buy a bag of such prepared portions. Then I can take for example 5 portions to backpack, mix it whenever I want to, also my kitchen is less messy and preparing huel is super fast.

Another idea I had - squeeze huel to form something like pills (tabs), it may be hard to shake it with hands, but any personal mixer will handle it.

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I think we should get a Huel employee free with every first order, rather than a t-shirt, they could mix up the Huel and spoon feed it to us as required, so we didn’t have to put any thought into it, apart from breathing in the right direction.


hi and hail satan.
You mean they should be attached to a box?
Apart from jokes, I think it is great solution, also in marketing meaning.
“Just put a bag into shaker and you are ready” or “healthy fast-food”. MRE are quite popular because of packaging.


Huel did in the early days sell single serve portions. There are a couple of problems with that:

  1. people have preferences for a serving size not always 100g for example (This is the size of the Huel packets). I see some of Huel’s competitors do them however.
  2. They mean more packaging waste
  3. People may buy one, try it and not like it. Huel generally takes a few attempts to get right, so if you have an opened big bag you are more likely to persevere with it for at least a few meal.

I quite liked them though, and they were handy when off camping, at festivals, travelling overnight or a couple days.


That’s why I came up with idea of pressed/compacted (IDK how it is in english) in let’s say 25g portions packed in boxes. Something like briquette, let’s call it Huel Bricks for now.

Thank you for explaining.


Pressed or compacted will do. I see what you mean; interesting concept.

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That is definitely the future. We commented that recently

Likr this:

@hunzas Can I have Olivia? You can have Tim :joy:

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Tim wouldn’t be much use, he’d always be on holiday.


Let’s send him go people who want to lose weight.


I really like the small 25g compressed brickettes of Huel that @wojak suggests.
I think this is a great idea.
If they were rectangular bricks they could be stacked to be packaged, and being compressed would greatly reduce packaging and space.

From a convenience point of view I think it’s brilliant - no scooping or scales required and it would be far easier to take a little tub or packet of 25g portions when you go out, to make a shake with when convenient.

I wonder how this would affect how well the powder would dissolve / mix in water. I guess you could crumble or smash the brickette first before adding water, or let it sit in a small amount of water to soften before adding to your shaker of water as normal.

I like it. I’d buy it in that form, definitely


I’d love Huel that needed to be smashed with a mallet before mixing. Some days you just need to smash something with a mallet.


@David my pestle and mortar is looking forlorn since I stared Huel… it definitely needs a revival :grin:


IDK if it would be problem using small mixer, there are also other solutions like those bubbling tabs.

But 25g will be small and easy to smash I think.


Fun times ahead! Of course DPD will handle 90% of the smashing in advance.


Yeah I’ve used small ziplocs when camping with Huel before: works really well. That said, practice makes perfect with mixing it from the big bag: the funny plastic folds in the side of the packets are perfect for flattening off your scoop of Huel. Just poke them in and you’ve a lovely straight edge for making sure your scoop is exactly level.

Compressed tablets sound neat for people with a blender, although maybe that’s not all that different from … what was it called … oh yes: the “Huel bar” :smiley: — anybody ever tried blending them into a shake?

Having Huel ship us hundreds of prefilled plastic bags sounds like a big waste of plastic.

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No need for blenders with the Huel® Pestle and Mortar. Choose from black or grey!

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:joy: so true :rofl:

Huel community:


Also Huel community:

Individually wrapped bricks because convenience!!!

Referring specifically to the pic above of course…

@GTIPuG you may notice that the picture of non-wrapped compressed bricks received 5 likes, whereas the picture of the wrapped compressed bricks received zero likes…

I absolutely wouldn’t buy a bag of individually wrapped portions, but would buy a package of individually compressed portions within the packet.

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