Messy, but there is a solution

I like the idea of individually pressed portions but not necessarily individually wrapped portions…well not unless the wrapping is dissolvable and edible that is.


When someone told me DPD were a smashing company I misunderstood what they meant. Thanks for clarifying.


Compressed huel is a good idea, I wonder if they have ever given this a try? It would definitely be great for travelling and even for better measuring of huel intake.

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It’s a great idea in theory but surely it’s going to give you lumpy Huel unless you have a blender. One of Huel’s big selling points is convenience, and being able to shake it for a few seconds and get a nice smooth milkshake is the main reason I’m here. Huel have already done so much in reducing packaging waste associated with our diets, is it really worth setting up separate production lines for the same product in a slightly different form? I suppose they already do that with GF and sports approved versions to be fair.

Edit: I realise now the GF and sports versions are probably made using the same equipment just as separate batches, whereas the compressed blocks might require a completely separate production method

@RyanT I believe the gluten free version is made in a completely seperate facility, otherwise the risk of contamination would be too high.

The professional range however is the standard powder, that has simply been tested and certified

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