My favourite addition to Madras H&S: Branston Pickle or Piccalilli!

Sounds weird if you’ve never tried it before, but give it a go! Get the large-chunk versions and you get nice crunchy pieces of veg in your curry that really helps break up the otherwise “mushy” texture. And the vinegar flavour and salt really bring out more flavour in the dish!

I usually stir in about a tablespoon just before I eat it and get it properly mixed in. This amount doesn’t really effect the calories or macros very much.

Give it a go!


I love Piccalilli, I eat that a lot and yet I never consider adding it to Huel. Hmm, I think you might be on to a winner here.

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If you look at the ingredients it’s just crunchy pickled veg, vinegar, and some curry spices. All things that can enhance a curry! I guess it’s kinda like a chutney

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Huel vanilla and branston pickle is great.

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