New Hueligan! Which diet is best?

Hello! I am new to Huel after being recommended by a couple of friends but I need help in deciding the best way to use Huel! I need to loose about 3/4 stone and I have underractive thyroid (which makes my life a bit difficult when it comes to weight loss!). My colleague who uses Huel has a breakfast and lunch shake then an evening meal, but a friend of mine only has the shake at breakfast then 2 small meals for lunch and dinner… basically my question is what should I be doing to maximise weight loss?


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I’m in the same boat, underactive thyroid. All I found was counting calories was made easier with Huel, plus I really like the product/ taste/texture.
Find out your tdee and then calorie count, all the best.

Welcome to the forum Jess,

Not a simple answer as everyone is different and different people handle diets differently and what works for one person doesn’t work for another.

I always find healthy food coupled with cardio the best way to lose weight. I only have Huel once a day and that’s lunch. Sometimes I may chuck in a Huel bar but only if I have done lots that day.

Most days my diet consists of

Breakfast - Porridge + Banana
Lunch - Huel (H&S or Shake or RTD)
Dinner - Chicken Salad with New Potatoes (or rice)

If I go to the gym i’ll add in a Huel Protein shake.

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The single biggest factor to the success of any dietary change is adherence. Do something you think you can stick to in the long term - think in months or years rather than days.

I have Huel UU for breakfast and lunch every day, then a traditional meal in the evening. I always struggled to find a healthy breakfast and lunch option, and actually enjoy Huel so it is easy for me to stick to this routine.

I started doing this over 4 years ago to loose weight. Now days I still do the same but to gain or maintain weight, I just alter the amount I have for each meal.

Just because this works for me doesn’t mean it would work for anyone else though.

Hey Jess, welcome to the forum! We’ve got a ton of posts about weight loss here, although not specific to having an underactive thyroid, they will be useful for your weight loss journey. This one below from me gives some pointers. We’ve also got a ton of articles on our site.

If you have any specific questions after reading around a little then let us know as we would love to help!