Nutritional value on 250g

I’m using the gluten free unflavoured version and only managing about 250g of it per day.

I’d really like to see what this translates to with regard to the whole list of nutritional values as I’m worried I’m not getting enough.

Is 500g recommended? Then I’m getting half of all the values printed on the pack, but is that actually enough in terms of nutrition.

I think I’ve answered my own question by working it out in order to write the post, basically I’m getting half of the NRV. Which is assume isn’t enough for good nutrition… But then how is anyone able to lose weight with huel if you have to consume the full calorie intake in order to get the full nutrient value?

Is there an easy way to do this…i.e. a calculator that will do it all at once somewhere?

Am I working it out wrongly?


The point is if you use Huel you’re most likely getting more nutritional value than you would for the foods that replaced it.

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I guess I’m asking for some way to be sure of that.

I’m using it mainly for stablising nutritional intake, but I’m worried that if I’m only consuming 50% of most of the nutrients NRV then I could wind up in trouble.

You cannot really be sure without consulting medical help. We cannot tell you that you won’t encounter problems when you keep staying below NRV. Only your blood would show the deficits if there are any.

How was your nutritional intake before you started taking Huel?

Remember too that the RDA’s given are averages: some people need a little more, some people a little less. Example: I consider myself to be eating about 90% Huel, but only have about 250g of Huel a day because I have a very sedentary lifestyle out of necessity: I have neuropathy severe enough I’m method acting the little mermaid, so I minimise walking and, well, anything that involves my lower legs. (What really pees me off is that my idea of time well spend was taking the dogs out into the woods…)

Basically a Huel meal will give you as healthy balance of nutrients for the quantity you’re eating: without a pretty damn good knowledge of cooking and nutrition, it’s difficult to make a plate meal as well-rounded as a bottle meal…

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taking Huel


The point is?

The point is one does not simply “take” Huel…

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Reminds me of a Barbarella quote: “An angel does not make love, an angel is love”.

Maybe they should try: “Huel is not taken as supplement, Huel gives total body nutrition”, or some other equally cringe-worthy marketing doublespeak. BTW Huel can have that in exchange for a lifetime’s supply of product :wink:

I thought that would be self explanatory, read the comment again maybe? If not I can’t help you there…

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It’s a fairly weak point